Instrument LED's

I’m not a big fan of the standard orange back-lighting in the instrument cluster on my Hornet.
Anybody know of a company/person who can change them to blue for me?

Is it the ones that solder onto the circuit board?

Shouldn’t be that difficult. All the local kids seem to be able to do this sort of thing with their Citroen Saxo’s, Vauxhall Corsa’s and the like.

True they spend shed loads of money on complete sh*t, but good luck to them. They are happy and prepared to get in and get their hands dirty.

is it not just push in little bulbs in hornets ? It did used to be on those … if it still is its easy

I’m not sure. Only analogue part is the tacho which makes me think its all going to be LED
Not wanting to sound lazy but I don’t have a soldering iron any mor and, if I’m honest, I can’t be arsed either :hehe:

Don’t be lazy! :smiley: Interesting topic though, I think I would change my backlight as well. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything on the internet. Maybe ask someone in a shop e.g. OMC?

Not sure if Hornet is on there as I don’t know the technical model no…and it’s in the states.

THanks Alex
Sadly, the hornet (599) on there is the 2006 model year so too early for me.
Will try to crack the thing open later and see what’s needed

A new instrument panel :smiley:

Try speaking to chewy, he does this for SV’s

Will send a message
Cheers Ratty