Installing Datatool S4 on ZX636 04

Hey guys,

I wondered if someone could advise about how to go about installing Datatool S4 RED Cat1 alarm on my ZX636 04 bike. I don’t need wiring details just machine specific info related installing to my bike.
I now there’s document pdf out there. If someone knows?


Download a manual for your bike with the wiring diagram and you’ll see easily enough where to wire it in.

But I wouldn’t bother, the only useful part of anything with the word Datatool on it is the installation certificate which some insurance companies seem to need. They are a pita. Spend your money on an Almax chain and a cover.

Hi there thanx. I have the bike manual. I also have Almax and cover. I agree with what you say. Alarm is just a deterrent…as I don’t wanna carry around my Almax and cover…too heavy! :smiley: