Installation of After Market Rear Sets

I have a set of titanium black Arata rear sets on order :drool…they should arrive shortly. I’m pretty confident about installing the transmission side…but am a bit concerned about the brake side.

Has anyone installed after market rear sets before? If so, are there things I should look out for when doing the install? I’m primarily concerned about getting the rear brake reconnected.

Thanks in advance!

Should all be straight forward might have to put an inline brake switch, to work brake light.

I saw Jay fitting his Gilles! lol He did well though you will need to have a ride and may adjust it again up to find the right position for you. The brakes are straight forward! Bolts out, bolts in! Make sure you use some thread lock in it!

So apparently the rear brakes hydraulic system remains sealed throughout the process? No line bleeding or anything like that? Just bolt off, bolt on?

Yes Gregman, it’s simple and straight-forward. You just unbolt the stock rearsets and mount everything loose to the new ones, and put them back on the bike. Easy peasy.

Fantastic…these are the kind of projects that I like.

Thanks for all the advice, all!