Inordinate number of pr#cks on the road...

…this morning.

And it wasn’t just the usual myopic car/van drivers…although special mention must go to the dickhead in the Corsa van, who started turning into my lane and despite using my horn to make him aware of my presence still decided to cut in front of me. Good work fella.

There was a particularly high number of sh1t riders out there this morning as well. Big thumbs up to the pr1ck on a scooter who decided it was a smart move to overtake me whilst I was on the outside of a line of traffic. I’m sure his view of the road ahead and any possible hazards coming from in between the vehicles I was passing was much better than mine.

Or the knobber on a Bandit who undertook me too fast and too close…well done.

Or finally the gimp on the VFR who decided the safest position in the road to be going round a bend was right by my left elbow, leaving plenty of space in case I had to change my line for whatever reason.

A round of applause for these chumps, maybe they are unloved loners with nobody to go home to, but I’ve got a wife and kids to think about and don’t appreciate my safety being compromised. W#nkers.

You’ve made me feel much better after my rant yesterday morning! I can’t believe some of the ar*eholes on (nice) bikes, they don’t deserve to ride!

Nice rant, waxy, it was one of those mornings.

Wasn’t a white VFR, was it? Sounds like one I see occasionally!

Simple solution



Nah. Was a red one.

I know nobody is perfect and I include myself in that, but to ride in such a way especially when it is wet and greasy on the roads seems like madness to me. Like we don’t have enough to think about.

Thing is I am always reluctant to start a row with fellow riders regardless of how they are riding, because I figure, like me they already have enough to contend with without another rider starting on them…but sometimes I feel like kicking some of them in the happy sack.

I cut Flyby up by accident on Tuesday morning. I apologised at the next set of traffic lights and he was very good natured about the whole thing

Ah waxy, I’m with you on this count mate.
I can understand some bikers being sure of their abilities and cutting thing’s fine, but I always feel if I’m over 30mph and I can reach out and touch the bloke next to me whilst cornering in the wet…somethign’s wrong…MANY London bikers feel otherwise…the winter cull will weed them, just hopefully without taking you or I with them

“The winter cull”

You are a harsh man Toby. But fair.

Glad no-one has mentioned the rough sounding red 7r that’s been flying about the northern section of the M1/M25 for the last 7 days or so

Last seen heading west along the A40 at a rate of knots. Worryingly in a cloud of blue smoke I’m told - my poor baby may be sicker than I thought.

don’t worry, many inordinate number of pr#cks on the road were handed a fair few points on their licence’s today by me!.

You weren’t working near South Wimbledon Tube on the A24 last night by any chance…

lol, can we have reports to cheer us up please?

'Tis the season, to act like an A-hole. I witnessed some disgusting driving the other day. Guy in land rover hogging the outside lane for a mile because he was turning right. Not even overtaking a coach. Leading to a double decker (yes!!) pulling out on both. Dangerously. I undercut the SUV and swooped in between it and the coach. Even more dangerous? Possibly, but I was f*cked off, so to hell with them.

As im working in London at the moment i get idiot drivers everyday, especially at a round about in Wood Green. I indicate right and as im going round it a cager decides not to stop as i wasn`t there, it always that round about so i know take extra care.

And what the hell’s happened to indicators?! Has some even midget gone around and disconnected them all?

I think that a bike licence instantly renders the holder invisible, whether you are riding, driving or pedestrian

On the same theme, I had a scooter rider moan at me last week for undertaking him, as there was a car pulling out of a junction hidden by traffic and I scared him as he had no room to get out of the cars way (I had passed him long before the junction)? The only reason I passed him on the inside was due to the fact his road positioning was worrying me as he was making himself a hazard by poor observation and appeared to be blind to hazards. I only have a couple of years continous riding experience, so not wanting to create a hazard myself should I have dropped back and waited until the road was completley clear before overtaking? Bearing in mind on my daily commute I see a vast amount of riders taking silly risks and I’m working on the principle of ‘if they are behind me, they are no longer a problem?’…

Nice work. Can we clone you several hundred times?

Go on then daryllj, give us some examples of silliness you told people off for.

This morning was surprisingly incident free for me, touch wood. Seemed to be far less traffic around, cant wait to get me race can back though.