inner tube or tyres service west london

Got puncture yamaha wildstar rear wheel. Straight cut but at the moment even inner tube replacement will do. Does anyone know where I can this fixed on sunday or 24h service will be even better. Mobile mechanic will be the best option but I know that this is almost impossible. Thx in advance for any help.

Not west london but Chas bikes by Imperial War museum is open 7 days a week -

Thx mate but I’m afraid that this is too far for me. I found traxden motorcycle service 5 mins from ace cafe. Don’t know how good they are but don’t have any other options at the moment. One thing which surprise me is that I asked same question on two bikers forums and no answers apart one here and at the same time when people talk about things unrelated to our hobby have much more interest.

I was able to buy inner tube. Now only waiting for rac so they can take bike back home. Will try to replace it on my own which can be hard with 300kg bike lol.