Inmoto secret handshake or word?

I’ve had enough of the parts department at this place I can never get through to this guy. It’s the same old message oh he’s away from his desk at the moment I’ll take a message and he’ll call
You back.

That he did 24 hours later after I gave up and went in store to place my order! Two weeks later same message and I didn’t leave him my details I’ll be calling again in 30mins wish me luck.

Good luck

Still no luck oh joy

I think InMoto may have grown a bit too quick. I used to get really good service there, but lately I have had the same problems. Once you get through to the right people, it’s great, but it’s hard to get through. When you speak to any of the family, just tell them politely that you’re a bit upset that you haven’t been able to get through and nobody calls you back, and you’ll get a call back quite soon, it worked for me anyway.

Still same old grief getting through to then plus they sent out my £240 decals in the post without me asking them to and guess what they lost them…

They have certainly grown pretty fast and I suspect out grown their staff and workshop.

Go in to the KTM bit and be very polite but have a moan at Christian. He’s a nice guy and he will change things once the message gets through to the family.

They lost that personal small family connection when they expanded. They are great in person (if you can ever
find a person) there. They also have a large Kawasaki shop separate to run as well.

Still - it’s better than the (non)-competition from other Italian bike specialists in London. And it’s miles better than having to deal with any Italian companies in Italy during August. Most fold for summer and reopen shop in September.

Christian and Adrian, both good guys. Christian is now in the new services/parts bit they have, but isn’t always there, the guy who stands in for him is nice but a bit useless, so yes, try to get hold of christian and have a polite moan.

Adrian was in the aprillia sales bit and is always helpfull. The guy in the ktm shop is Paul, I think. He seems ok, but not all that clued up.

Sounds about right for a company growing (too?) fast.

Good, tight family systems break down with a lot of new people to hire and the fertilizer stars to hit the fan. It will get fixed or they will go bust. Time will tell.

Back to the original post.

Yup. Currently they are sht. But then Aprilia are a Piaggio company so any after sales service will be sht. It’s not that they are inefficient, it’s not personal, it’s just Piaggio are sh*t.