Injured my ankle...

Was shooting for the Supercross event at the o2 Arena on Saturday and I went and sprained my ankle. Gutted. It hurt like a bullet at the time and hurts badly now. Worried there might be ligament damage. Will go to the Doctors soon to get it confirmed. St Johns Ambulance people said it needed to go down first before anything could be done.

It was the size of a cricket-ball on the night but has gone down a lot now. Stuck at home now with my foot in the air and Nurse Foxy working over-time to cater for my sorry-ass.

Does anyone have a crutch I can use? :slight_smile: Need to be at BMM on Wednesday for the LAA hand-over.



Get some bromelain chap.
Herbal so you don’t need a prescription, brilliant for reducing swelling and getting the healing process kick started. I’m forever bashing myself up one way or another and this has saved the day more than once. Meant I didn’t have to cancel a pretty active holiday in the US last June, a few weeks after an off where I suffered damage to my left leg, ankle and knee, including some ligament damage.

Cool, thanks!

Nasty! Hopefully they got you on the TV cameras! :smiley:

We do actually have a pair of crutches! Not sure how I’d get it over to you though.




Damn, I should have known those pictures would make an appearance sooner or later Mike :slight_smile:

Thanks to Andrew for the use of his mono-pod as a temporary crutch! Special no-thanks to the o2 Arena for their unsympathetic custom-service for not supplying us with a wheel-chair to get out the massive venue.

hi jay. i did the exact same thing last year and the thing that worked the best was arnica . both the little pellets and cream. It brings out the bruising very quickly and lets it settle down. Was racing 2 weeks later still on crutches :w00t:

oh and i have crutches but i’m in guildford so not ideal. If you want them on saturday i can bring them to brands with me.

if you are having serious probs, we have a pair of crutches free from when my missus had knee surgery…can bring them to BMM this week if you require

Being a resident expert in ankle injuries (broke 1 and ruptured ligaments on the other…) I’d say that apart from the herbs mentioned you also need to keep the leg raised above your hip (when you are sitting / lying down) - this will help drain the fluid away.

I would get it checked ASAP too

Best get it checked Jay, seen many ankles like that before & some have been fractured. Sorry :blink:

Chances are it isnt but best be on the safe side :cool:

Ouchio… RICE > Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Always a good idea to get it checked, although swelling may need to reduce before any x-rays can be taken.

Ligament damage is quite likely if it swelled that quickly - there’s also a risk that the bottom of the fibula (the lateral malleolus) gets pulled off - so might need an xray. Are you able to carry your weight on it?

That wasn’t you the rider hit whilst going round was it???

I was on level 4 and saw 1 of the photographers get bashed!!

Thought it was quite funny at the time.:wink:

Bad Luck Jay:crazy:

You need a little bell by your side to summon Nurse Foxy to pump up your pillows mate;)

GWS fella:cool:

No mate, wasn’t me or any other LB 'tog, thankfully.

After reading this, I’m getting more motivated to go down to A&E. I can stand on it, but I can’t bend the ankle forward in the normal walking position, I can just put my heel down and look like a right mong clumping around the flat.

It swelled up massively within an hour of it happening, and now it’s all black and blue since the picture above. I think we’ll get a cab down to Charing Cross in an hour. Should be quick this time as well.

Thanks for all the advice guys n girls.

Would put your mind at rest if you’re lucky Jay :wink:

Did you go to A&E Jay?