Information and Observation

Biking whether will be here soon and the open road beckons. I thought I’d try and start a discussion about not becoming a statistic.

I’m sure that I have used these images before on here, but they’re good at illustrating what information is available to us if we take the opportunity to look carefully. Most of our RTA’s are avoidable via our observations and planning accordingly.

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living out in the “Sticks” on poplular motorcyclist route, most of the motorcycle accidents in my area are riders from londan areas.

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@SneakyMcC sounds like you’re warming us up for a BCR???


Hey Cool-T! I posted this some time ago? Butttttt, I am about to re-insure my bikes!


Which is why the police increasingly refer to them as RTCs (Road Traffic Crashes), the change in language is to underline they are not accidents.

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As an advanced instructor and examiner you are referring to what we call “Observation Links”. That is relating what you see and linking it to you riding plans based on what you can see, what you can’t see and circumstances you may reasonably expect to develop which is then coupled with good forward observation, planning and anticipation.

As a crash investigator, most of the crashes I investigate have been because those basic functions are ignored.

We as cops stopped calling RTA’s accidents 30 years ago as the word accident is def#ined as an act of god.

Crashes were reclassified as RTC’s (Road Traffic Collisions) for the very reason that 99% of crashes are avoidable.

The ones that still remain accidents are the likes of sudden illness like a heart attack which could not have been anticipated, but then the issue arises that if the driver was dead before the impact then it is unlikely that compensation for any victims can be claimed from the estate of the deceased.

You have to hope that they are still alive on impact


When I started this thread I was hoping to start conversation about further training. Something we could all benefit from…T.C excluded!

If I get my bikes back on the road next week I may do an evening ride-out to bike club in Essex. They have a Social Night - used to be a good ride, good food and lots of bikes! The club is aimed at further training, but its not a must.