Info for next weeks St George rideout

So this coming Saturday is the Guy Cooper St George Rideout if the weather holds this should be a good day out and by the looks of the list you have done him proud. Anyway a few pointers are in order for a ride this size I feel.

We are leaving the Ace at 9:30 prompt you will need a full tank from the Ace that’s full not 3/4. Shane will lead from the Ace I will be waiting in the Shell petrol station oppisite the Deep Mill Diner on the A413 in Chalfont its easy to find and anyone wishing to wait there instead of heading to the Ace is welcome to do so I will be there from 9:30 once the group from Ace is there we will proceed to the 2nd meet point in Aylesbury, should hopefully be there by 10:45 at the latest we will re-group and make sure once again the cornerman is understood. Once Guys family have arrived with their riders we will leave. If we have a big group we will keep it moderate paced so it doesn’t stretch out to far and we have a convoy rather than spread out groups over huge distances. The longest part of the ride is to Dragon Hill it is also the most enjoyable so please please stick to the cornerman system if you do not it will ruin the whole day if you don’t want to ride this way or want to ride like a penis then dont come its simple! Also worth mentioning PJ will be enroute taking photos so if things go wrong it wont only be us doing the riding that are left sitting about waiting while we are trying to get things back on track!! We will have one major fuel stop for the group which is quite a way in hence full fuel from the Ace, this will be your chance to grab a bag of crisps and a drink or eat your sarnies. We will have extra stops for any Motos but please anyone else only fuel up if you need to at these points. (We will also refuel just after Dragon Hill for the way home)

Once we are close to Dragon Hill the roads are very tight and roll like a rollercoaster so be aware, The road up the hill can be and was last week extremely gravely so I advise walking speed and back brake only. Depending on how long it takes to get to the Hill is dependant on how long we will stay but probably not more than an hour or so, there is nothing there other than an ice cream van just to warn you. Guy did have a different route back but me and shane opted for a shorter more direct route just incase it takes us longer to do the first part.

I would like everyone to get there in one piece with absolutely no **** ups so I’m asking everyone to keep it sensible and safe wait and look out for your fellow LBer if things go wrong I won’t know so I’m trusting you lot behind me to make it work. Check out the link at the bottom on the cornerman info. Also if any 125s are planning on coming can you please PM me ASAP You must be able to use all your bike and be confidant while doing so, bimbling along at 30 humming to yourself with a big smile under your lid won’t work! This is a long ride… you will hold everyone one up!

Cheers, I’m really looking forward to this and seeing everyone there for Puppy…

Cornerman info please read if your unsure

Nice one Flats!

See you next week - the Bike is serviced and ready to go!


Safe Journey Mate!

Trumpet now sorted for 2 up , new rubber this week and alls well !

Nice one both of you for keeping this ride out alive !

Guy will be pleased.

You Kev and Martin will go from the shell Garage to get Guys family we will meet you at the 2nd meet point but I will speak to you before then anyway…

So… we’re all taking a picnic??:w00t:

great work you guys! i`ll be at the garage opposite the deep mill diner for 9.30 come rain or shine.

Hope I can get my tyres sorted :frowning:

+1 :smiley: Although later than 9:30 :wink:

That may not be such a bad idea!!

Well, not ideal, but have you got a lunch stop planned?

No only the fuel stop but can always chow down there or picnic on dragon hill? I think stopping in a town to order food would be Kaos with this proposed amount of riders…

Right after much chat with other L.bers we are gonna have a barbeque after the rideout at ours in Grays, its cheekychicks birthday on the 22nd good excuse to have a get together so it will be a goodbye to puppy as well all welcome bring a pack of sausages or something meatwise and we’ll provide burger rolls,condiments and tea coffee soft drinks :smiley:

New rear tyre ordered and hopefully my parts from Italy will be here on thursday:) see ya all on Saturday! Oh, and treated myself to a 2l Gerry can to carry with me just in case:D

Its cheeky’s birthday on the 22nd!!! wtf why didn’t anyone tell me! :w00t:

So how many miles can you do now?

Nice Idea… Sadly I will have to give it the swerve :frowning: its a fair old wack for me and Once back at the Ace Ill have a brew then head back over this way… Raise a Burger for me though :slight_smile:

OK slight change of plan after the 1st fuel stop In Ducklington we will head to a Sainsburys Supermarket just round yonder once there we will have 35 Minutes to get yourself sarnies, drinks, crisps, fags and piss should you need one, Dragon Hill is about 40 or so mins from there… thats lunch in the car park with the bikes not sitting in the restaurant… Seems like the best and most viable solution…

I have no idea:D

We may see you there on dragons hill