Inexpensive GoreTex Over Trousers

As I needed a new pair of waterproof trousers for biking and am fed up with having to buy ones that are too short (most over trousers end up being at the top of my boot when sat on the bike) as I’m rather lanky, so I thought I’d do some hunting around and was rather surprised at what you can find.

Unsurprisingly you can’t buy a pair of ‘long’ cheap waterproof trousers, all bike specific ones come in one size, rubbish! (yes you can spend a couple of hundred on a textile pair but I wanted an over trouser that gets used once in a blue moon)

So I found these army surplus GoreTex ones for £20 plus postage (you’re pretty limited on colour though!). You just need to understand the sizing, it’s in cm not inches and is leg/waist/seat. I ordered the 90/92/108, so in normal money that’s a 35" leg, 36"waist etc. Long enough for my 34" inside leg and enough room to go over my kit since I’m a 32" waist.

Haven’t yet been tested at motorway speeds or in torrential rain, but for £20 GoreTex is not a bad start.

I’ll let you know how well they do/last.

Anyone else tried a set of these?

That what I was going to suggest, that or just pair of goretex walking over trousers. The only difference to the bike stuff is that the really high end stuff will have heat resistant panels on the lower inside legs.

Other than that a cheap pair of motorbike over trousers are more likely to be vinyl based.

The problem with anything for a specific activity is that adding GoreTex usually means £100 plus. So a GoreText pair for the same price as a vinyl pair is a bargain. But I was more interested in getting a decent leg length than what they are ‘designed’ for (walking cycling etc.)

i use these for fishing but in the Woodland DPM pattern, they do work, BUT once wet they can feel a little cold, i used to use a full suit, but now only use the bottoms as the jacket gets too wet and feels cold, altho the water doesn’t get through the GTX.

if you want proper textile’s check the HG crafty pants in M long leg, £155? level 2 sheltex and they have 360+ short zip, handy!

Ratty, the feeling cold is true of any ‘shell’ piece of clothing, that’s its point, it’s a shell. Hence all the base and mid layers and fleeces in the outdoor clothing shops, this is the last layer in case it rains.

If you want a proper armoured warm pair, then yes, a set of textiles if your best bet and they do come in different lengths at HG (I had a good look at them too and they do look nice), but these are supposed to be a better alternative to a cheap vinyl set :slight_smile:

Definitely look better to a cheap vinyl set… now only if they came in sizes for the larger gentlemen :Whistling:

These? That’s a 44" waist… I’m sure they are sizes in between :slight_smile:

Are you sure they really are Goretex? In many auctions it’s written GORTEX or GOR-TEX. Can’t it be a fake brand or something?

It’s hard to say if they are definitely GoreTex because typically of army purplus, they don’t come with all the labels and bumf normal retail clothing comes with. However, they do look and feel like GoreTex when looking at the inside of the trousers and the taping of the seams.

i need to replace my Dainese ones. They are not waterproof anymore. leak like a sieve. must get some new ones

Sports Direct sell long leg (suitable for 6’4") over trousers which work fine. Approx £17.50. Added bonus they have outside zips up to the knees, ideal for getting on & off over boots.

Mind you, the branch Colney Hatch didn’t have any last week. It was however a good excuse to follow a Milf with a nice ass in to the shop to check. Shame she had a pushchair with her.

I can confirm that british military outer waterproof shells are genuine goretex.

yeh they are defo proper Gore Tex, still use mine, if you wash them then tumble dry them it helps re-activate the GTX if it does start letting a bit of water through