Indy Rain

Lol - awesome pic!

Haha great pic.:w00t: Shame though trying to watch the race has been hard enough with the bbc getting their times wrong, :hehe:

Did he have slicks on.:stuck_out_tongue:

Mateo Passini innit?

MotoGP start has been delayed until 19.55 our time:crazy:

what chanel?

Eurosport or BBC 2 on the Red Button :cool:

cheers good race that!

Looks like it’s not over yet. An 8 lap sprint to decide it :w00t:

bugger and i gave the remote back. they were saying the red flag being 2/3rds in he had won it?:blink:

Luckily for you they didn’t run the sprint in the end :smiley:


looks like moses opening the sea:D