Indicators dead

‘Interesting’ commute today with no indicators. I’m guessing it’s a loose connection but what else could it be? :cool:

? is there a fuse ??

Can’t see one but TBH haven’t looked yet.

Check the indicator relay.

Might be more interesting than you thought. On my bike the indicator’s are on the same circuit as the brake lights :blink: So not only not only don’t they know where your turning, then don’t know when you’re going to stop either !

So better get spannering !!!

There will be a fuse in the fuse block.

I had mine blow on the first journey home from the dealer on a 2nd hand bike a couple of years ago. Taking it back to the dealer it turned out an alarm had been taken by the owner before he p/ex’ed the bike and he left an uninsulated break in the loom which then rubbed the frame and popped the fuse

Sounds like a fuse mate if it’s all the indicators front and back - could just be loose and need pushing back in.

Sigh As always my telepathic skills are switched off at this time in the morning so I’m unable to know the Make, Model, Year of your bike. Are they standard indicators, are they LED replacements. Is it all four indicators not working or just one side, front, rear?. Are your hazard lights working (if fitted)?.

end sigh

sigh Yamaha MT-03. All four indicators and hazards out. Brake light and all other electricals working. Will check the fuse tomorrow and let y’all know.:cool: sigh

Can’t wait to find out if it was the fuse. . .sigh. . . :smiley:

If ya need and help fixing let me know I am handy with these things and am around tomorrow herts area

any news *sigh ?
is this *sigh a depressing thread or what *sigh

Just wanted to add my twopenneth worth:



(Any news?)

:frowning: double sigh. It’s not the fuse. Took the switchgear apart and that all looks okay. All the connectors I could get to without removing the tank seemed okay. There is a connector right underneath the tank but it started raining so I gave up. sigh:doze:

Thanks for the offer Mr Wiggle but I’m down in Croydon (in more ways than one) sighs

Have you done any testing to see if anything’s getting live?

The forwards/backwards motion the loom undergoes (where it loops around the headstock) when you turn the handlebars often loosens/breaks the connectors located in the loom near the headstock/under the tank as you have indicated (no pun intended :smiley: ) leading to intermittent or total failure of the relevant component.I had a similar loose conection at this point which meant my fan didn’t come on when the engine temp went up in town - it was a right bugger to work out what was wrong - (e.g. fan/temp sensor etc) eventually had to remove the tank and slit the loom and reconnect the loose connection.

I expect that my fan malfunction story is of no interest to you at all at this point in time . . .sigh :smiley:

Sid I think you might be onto something. I’ll probably wimp out at this point and get a mechanic/electrician to have a look at it. Public transport for me this week then.

Yes L mate - leccy problems can take time to diagnose and fix - I’ve only tackled them when I’ve had the spare time to do so - if I’ve had a lot of work on I leave it to the pros.

if you can get the bike to me i will have a look at it for free hand signals will do

erm just so you dont think i am a diy fixer i am a mechanic/workshop manager and quite handy in the Electrical department so if you do want some help i am sure we can meet up someplace except wednesday and thursday as i am in oxford i am sure it wont be much to fix