Indicator Kit

What’s the easiest/cheapest way to add (ideally small) indicators to an offroad bike for road riding?

In this case a Honda CRF250X which already has a headlight and brake light (and a battery!)

There are full kits (below from Proworks) but they are expensive, and I only want indicators. Ebay has “universal” wiring looms which should work but those are big lollipops and the whole thing is bulky (Still £80).


A complete dual sport (indicator) lighting kit for your bike costs £425 including VAT & delivery.

This kit contains the following items;

Wiring loom - block-connected & colour coded for easy fit

Handlebar Switch - on/off, hi/lo, kill, horn & indicator


2 x Hydraulic brake light switches

LED flasher box

4 x rubber-mounted flexi-stem indicators

Brackets for front indicators - rears fit to rear add-onn

LED tail light add-on with number plate light & board

Ignition key kit

Full fitting instruction

Buy the individual parts off eBay £25 tops.

flasher relay, indicator switch, LED indicators, fuse, cable

Both times ive played with scrolling indicators, they flash with a constant 12v applied, so might not need a relay.

Thanks, no doubt you are right, but both replies are too advanced for me. That’s why I was looking for a kit, I’ll just buy the wrong thing.

Why not buy he £80 kit then and just swap the actual indicators for something you want.