Indicator/brake lights on your helmet?

Not sure if this is a good idea, thought I would post this here in case anyone was minded to get a set of these…

You might need to invest in the product first as these are not yet in production.

An interesting idea, not sure it’ll catch on as a retrofitted version would add weight and possible wind turbulence to a helmet.

^^ plus no-one else would have any idea what the lights flashing around your neck are supposed to mean. Stupid idea if you ask me.

The colours may be a problem here in the UK …

Forward facing lights should be white, except amber indicators.
Rear facing lights should be red, except amber indicators.

Seems to me that a life saver would have you showing red lights forward :w00t:

Until it became industry standard (like the top break light on cars) it could be confusing

Also if not as bright as your other lights, could it cause further confusion as people don’t realise what the different lights are.

If I was on Dragon’s Den, I’d say ‘I’m out’