Indicator and TrafficOfficer

Now please tell me again that this person (PCSO) is concern about safety.As you can see, I was bored looking at the first motorcyclist indicator, which he did not cancel after right turn, so I give the guy sign as he could end up on any car (for example that impatient black Prius).

PCSO’s are only ticket issue machine, without any consideration and concern about surrounding traffic and traffic hazards.


ps. edit, hopefully all will now understand what I meant.

Nice overtake of the police lorry on the zebra crossing… tut tut


Is overtaking as such is when you change lines?


Im reading letters but they are not making sense. This is terrible english right? The same as the video. Is there a point to all of this because I think I have missed it.

The police guy on the silly(er) scooter didn’t tell the other guy his indicator was on.

And thats it? Wow what a waste of bandwidth. :stuck_out_tongue: lol.

Apology Dear Sir that my terrible English as well as worthless video wasted 2 minutes of your precious existence.

On the other hand, being one in twenty nine must have pulled some strings.

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You overtook on the zig-zag lines preceding the crossing which is naughty & a points earner:

191You MUST NOT park on a crossing or in the area covered by the zig-zag lines. You MUST NOT overtake the moving vehicle nearest the crossing or the vehicle nearest the crossing which has stopped to give way to pedestrians.

I know this one :wink: but our friend refereed to zebra to point my naughtiness :slight_smile:
You got it right so… :blush:


Also that guy on the three wheeler isn’t a traffic officer, he’s a hobby bobby, ie a PCSO. It’s so funny when you see a group of them on the roads, I’ve started calling them a “wobble” of hobby bobbies. :smiley:

Yes PCSO you are correct, forgot the fancy abbreviation.

And “wobble” hahahahhaha :laugh:



Yea, you should be banned for six months, fined £1000.00 and imprisoned for a couple of weeks.
If I saw you doing that on a Jetstream ride, you would be de-bagged tarred and feathered.:wink:

I’m not locking my doors now, in case of SWAT squad will come at night.


tut tut on the zig zag from me too.

Indicators are an optional indication of something someone MIGHT do. Nothing else. Not very important or to be relied upon.

In my books his running into car who will join traffic because of that indicator was more important that clean swift overtake :slight_smile:

Your Honour, that was my priority to safe this poor man existence, even risking my life…
That’s the purpose of mine, that was given me one day, and I was told with great power there is great responsibility. So you are not alone, we are here, we are waiting and we will fight for you, till the very end.


ps. got that zigzac line first time, when seen the clip, second when got first post about it, but few more posts probably will convince me that I would change nothing in this situation if it will happen again.

Don`t worry Robert, when the police read this post they will not be able to make head nor tail of it.

So you have probably not dobbed yerself in.:smiley:

They may think you are a major supplier of mind altering drugs.:w00t:

Bless… look after yourself Robert

Hahaha :blush:

Who want to know what I meant, will. Found it somehow few years back.


They’re actually ‘TPCSOs’ , or ‘Traffic Police Community Support Officers’

One of the bloody time-wasting money sapping buggers gave me a ticket for stopping at the side of the road when I was about to pass out from heat exhaustion. Didn’t even give me chance to explain, just said ‘I’ve stopped my bike now so you’re getting a ticket’

Absolute waste of resources.