incredible stunt

I never though I would say that but you might be better sticking spaming us with your no fee parking bullshit

That was posted last week already…
Do you actually read the forum? ever?:unsure:

i don’t know you, but you appear to be a proper asshole:D

lol and you are a bit slow, taken almost a month to come back to this :stuck_out_tongue: so frenchie is right, you can’t read the forum much :smiley:


lol @tigi

our difference is, you’ve got idle time and idle mind:)

Look out for a Size 9 Lofah with your name on it Tiggs:w00t::DGive the fella a chance, he’s probably been camping out with the Sri Lankans in Westmister as he does love a protest or three :wink:

Give him his due - he may not be able to read but he is a bloody good judge of charachter !!! :wink:

thats only because we are stuck in go slows!!!