Incredible business opportunity - introduce the bucket to Poland.

A pulley couldn’t be that difficult to rig up, surely.

It makes sense , shovel it into a bucket pass the bucket up empty the bucket pass the bucket back down , shovel and bucket dirty .

very clever those polski’s :slight_smile:


It’s like watching someone play Super Mario Bros! :slight_smile:

They seem to have it down to a fine art. If you’ve ever seen scaffold workers at work they throw stuff around, it probably works out quicker if everyone knows what they are doing.

thats just daft. whilst that bricky is catching the shovel, hes not laying any bricks ie. no money is being earned. id make the lazy git bring it up a ladder in a hod/bucket.

+1 on the ‘that’s just daft’ front

Too much time and effort to shift one wheel barrow load [6 buckets] of mortar up one level.

If you could only understand what they are saying in the video.

“Hah, this is great, it’s going to earn us a ton of money in ads with the views, those stupid English folk are going to lap it up!”

Awesome :slight_smile:

Nope, I agree with NumNum. ‘double handling’ consumes more time than anything else. H and S would probably have an opinion,but it looks like a fairly efficient system to me.

H and S would definitely have a view on the scaffolding!

All very balletic and impressive but I started in the building industry when there were hod carriers. (You could pick them out from a distance. They had chest measurements bigger than their I.Q.'s)

A god hoddie could keep two brickies supplied with enough mortar to keep them working without stopping.