Increased Girth

Went to buy a new shirt the other day and found that over the last year and a half the neck size i need has increased by 1 inch.
After some working out i found that the year and a half covers the time i have been riding.
Anyway getting to the point of this, has anyone else noticed an increase in neck size due to wearing a helmet on a regular basis? as this has been the only thing i can think of that would explain it.

No, but I had an 18" neck before I started riding a bike :smiley:

Its a known fact that Streetfighter riders are that bit wider ;):smiley:

When you ride, gravity pushes the head into the body, thus expanding the neck.

If this didn’t happen, the gyroscopic forces of the bike would cause your head to drop off as you lean to corner…

…or something :smiley:

I lost two stone when I started riding and have kept it off.

How’d you lose weight from riding??


Sorry - just my dirty mind working overdrive :smiley:

You burn up a few calories riding a bike - although it feels like you are mostly just sitting there while the bikes doing the work - riding a bike is actually quite physical.

i was wondering that, i feel i’ve increasedthe strength in my upper body slightly but i’ve certainly not lost any weight

:w00t::w00t: Does this mean im going to get a man neck??? lol

So many possible replies…none of which would be polite :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean ‘going to get’?


Oops - yeah - oh, feck it - never been polite in my life, not gonna start now :smiley:

Yes so u better shhhhhhh!!! Or no cookies for u mate :wink:

:w00t::w00t: I dont have a man neck :frowning:

Ooooo… defensive! you obviously so do :smiley:


:blush: err… but you make good cookies? allegedly…? and you have a pretty bike and you get people you meet on ferries to join LB coz you is so dedicated and stuff…

Should I just hand over the shovel and get my coat?


How do u know about the ferry thing? LOL.
And yes i allegedly make good cookies
And wow :w00t: u said my bike was pretty… :stuck_out_tongue:

Cha - see what a woman can get with a little sad face? :smiley:

It’s yellow - I assumed that yellow = pretty to a bird :Whistling:

I read the BMM threads - Cheekychick’s crown is under threat it seems :smiley: (puts big wooden spoon down)

Ha! Have you not seen Ferry Dude’s noob thread :smiley: