Increase in motorbikes?

Has anyone else noticed an increase in motorbikes?

I work near Bank, two years ago if I arrived around 9am I would be guaranteed a parking space in one of the 6 bays around my office. 1 year later and all the spaces would be gone by around 8:45 - and now you are lucky to get a space even if you arrive before 8:30…

I can only attribute this to a rise in motorbike/scooters.

I suppose its a good thing but the council should start thinking about increasing the number of motorbike parking bays?

of course they should,

and of course they won’t.

Chance would be a fine thing…

I remember being able to park anywhere in central London bike bays in the late 90’s no hassle.

Then around 2002/3 scooter sales went mental and everywhere was rammed with scooters.

I think the increase can be attributed to the increase in train fares

my travel fares (not including parking to get to the train station & by bus its £5 each way ) per year are £6200

my bike works out at 4k a year give or take a few £100

the journey time by bike is averaging 1h:10mins by public transport if it running right is 1:34 hours if I get the bus its another 3/4 hour

Plus rents/mortgages are at all time highs due to the housing bubble/shortage - couple this with the increased train fares and the sums don’t add up anymore - so as you say - more people on scooters.

None of the above - just more people

The roads are overcrowded, so are the trains and tubes, it’s the massive increase in the city’s population causing it