Hey guys – I am really stuck about a little predicament I have found myself in. I have managed to get myself into the m/c bay outside my firm. Same saga, first come first served. All sort of bikes park in the bay and the bay itself is about a length of a hatchback! So we all have to fit on there but fit with room to be able to get access to your bike, at anytime.

Last week I had parked with a load of peds to find that my mirrors had been severely pushed all the way round to the point that they were vertical. I initially thought that my left mirror had been snapped off but in fact the dozy fecker who had parked next to me, had not only moved my bike so that he could get out, they had pushed my mirrors so that they were properly fooked. I couldn’t get them back into their original position and felt unsafe when riding home. I had to keep constantly looking over my left shoulder as I couldn’t use my left mirror

Anyway I come out of work tonight to find that I couldn’t get out at all. I couldn’t even gain access to my bike because a Vesper and a Honda Dylan seriously wedged me in. I was being looked down on by someone high in the sky, cos my brill boyf came to meet me from work as a surprise and saw the trouble I was in. Nevertheless he solved my problem by dragging the peds away from my bike and then managed to wheel mine out. But I would have been completely in a pickle if he hadn’t of turned up.

So I have taken some pics to show you. I am not a happy bunny.

I need some advice from you guys. What should I do? Oli says that I should write a note to let the other people that park there to be more considerate to others, however I thought before I do anything rash I should ask the advice of my buddy bikers. What would you do if you were in a situation like this?

I look forward to hearing from you.






another reason why i dont like to park in the city

have you thought about using an NCP place instead if you can…

or try and park on the end of the bay instead…

leaving notes = i dont think is going to work cos people who park like that are inconsiderate twats…

so will just do it time and time again

or wait till the owner gets back and just ask him/her how much cash they have cos of the damage they caused your bike

take the reg number = i am not sure what the law states but surely thats wilfull damage to private property!!

just leave one of the other bikes off its stand and lean it against another bike. the other riders then realise they have a problem…

That picture is unbelievable!

The twat’s bike is well overdue some justice damage.

leave a note and pictures saying that they will be hearing from your insurance company about the damage that has been caused from their inconsiderate parking,if that dont work,let their tyres down.

I would just leave a note asking all the riders in the bay to be more considerate you never know they may just listen, if that does not work I would park some where else as its only a matter of time before you return to your bike and find some fool has knocked it over.

That’s just taking the piss, im sure it would be sporting a few scratches now

i would leave them a note asking for a tin opener, if that had no effect i would move there bike out of the way, very carefully so as not to cause any damage and leave it parked illigally. the owner of that machine obviously has no regard for anyone else.

tell me about it mate. Even i found it a bit of a struggle to get Lou’s bike out for her. had to fart about moving the ped over without it being up against citycbr’s bike and then just had enough room to wiggle Lou’s cbr out of the gap - f***ing cheeky gits - no respect or consideration for anyone or anything else - “its all me me me me me”.

It’s a risk of parking on the streets, anyone can damage your bike. I’d do what Joe suggests, personally. Oh, and also look into more secure parking! Some NCP’s are very favourable towards bikes. I use a number in the evenings from time to time when out and about, and have never paid a penny!

Hi Lou,It is bad outside our work.I see my bike in the first pic If i get to park before 8am it’s a rarity.I pull my mirrors in all the time though whenever i park in those bays.Not sure what your mirrors are like but i think they’re quite hard to adjust which means someone has given way less than due care and attention.Over by Tower Hill there is quite often quite a few spaces and more room i find.I also notice the spaces are taken by motorbikes(not peds).I like you have noticed scratches on my CBR and in the past have swallowed it

What to do…hmmm…either

1.Set fire to all mopeds.This is unfeasable as it’s more than likely you wont be able to park there for a while until your prison release.

2.Wait around for that particular ped rider and bust em up.Feasability - See point 1.

3.Wait around for that particular ped rider and give them a piece of your mind.Not a good idea as it means waiting around which causes impatience which leads to point 2 which leads back to the outcome of point 1.

4.Leave messages on all bikes outside.This is a good idea imo.It shows the ppl there that what they are parking there peds beside is your bike which you take pride in and love and care for like a sibling.I suggest however that you print off quite a few copies and i hope for your’s(and my)sake they take heed.

Ill send you a pm so we can discuss how to draft this and if no notice is taken ill pop to BP and carry out point 1.

Nutter, but I like it just skip point 4. and move straight to point 1.

Lou this is terrible and I’m sure thwy done that cos it was a CBR125 on L Plates. Luckily Oli was able to drag 'em out of the way - I hope he left them outside of the bathough - the wrdens would love that…and these idiots don’t deserve any favours.

That’s another reason to have an old, dirty, heavy work bike. People block me in, I just wedge myself on my bike, fire her up, engage first and bash her out with engine power.

If afterwards some mopeds are missing mirrors, foot pegs and/or body panels they shouldn’t have parked so close… Heh heh heh… My bike is always the tougher one because it’s built like a Sherman tank. Scuffs and scratches don’t bother be either. I scratch your bike, sure go ahead scratch mine. Chances are I won’t even notice.

You should try owning an old hack. Much more carefree living

In your cc class, I hear the C90’s are pretty much indestructible. I’d take one of those into the city instead of your shiny CBR125.

As well as moving it outside the bay print off a load of pleasant notes on Sticky labels and put one on the peds dials so they reflect on there action while they are peeling the sticker off. You could wait and explain how stupid they are in words of one syllable as I know you can but this could be a bit time consuming.

Thats taking the piss, i take a can opener to assist in the removal of you bike or as charlie i think he is doing a special on Datatool direct vertical take offs at the mo, just be careful lou as the may recipricate what ever action you take…

That’s my concern too Si

people today are a different sort of breed - absolutely no respect for anyone else…

if you can park in a pay and display car parking spot - length ways - if you get a ticket (as a warden told me) say it was nicked off your bike!!! ticket gone!!! as there is nowhere on a bike to display like cars!!! its a very handy loophole!!!

That or just push it over/push them into the road and leave them there!!!

Hey sincere, been there and got the teeshirt; no longer park in the designated areas…have found as those Peds have centre stands they prop em up then drag em into the tightest of spots. Started puting mine on the end but then some tw#t placed his so close couldn’t get mine off its side stand. Now using the freebie parking courtesy of the City of London multi storeys - have found they do not charge bikes and only allow two bikes to a bay plus they have cctv

Try this link for details; hope it helps…

I’ll bring you some zip ties on wens and you can zip tie thier brakes on after you get your bike out, doesn’t help much, but will makes you feel better.