Inaugural Hello to Everyone at LB

Hi everyone.

Having rejoined the two-wheeled world back in September, I am amazed at how friendly everyone is, so ‘many thanks’ from the idiot on the new white Speed Triple - I’m not riding like that on purpose, it’s all I can do to hold on!

I joined the Toy Run in December, albeit anonymously, and would like to thank everyone I met, both for their hospitality and for organizing a very good-spirited event.

If anyone in LB-land knows about tyres, I may need to buy you a drink in return for some advice (will search the other forums in a minute). My Speed Triple just doesn’t seem to stick very well - especially in contrast with the new Daytona 675 that I took for a test ride. The Daytona was on Michelins but I didn’t get the actual tyre names (which would help), so I can’t see why my Michelin’s don’t get as sticky in the dry.

Will definitely try to join you all at Borough Market asap.

Best wishes for 2008, may you all be safer, faster and happier.


Hi and welcome aboard.

hi and welcome

hello mate :slight_smile:


Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Did you ride it before the winter gunk went on the roads? Makes everything slippy as Eels :wink:

Welcome to LB Martin enjoy!

Thanks everyone.

Looks like I need to get my knee down, burn-out my old tyres, pull wheelies and sit on the bars! :w00t:

They sound like good personal targets for 2008!

hello, newbie here cant work out to start a thread so hello:hehe:, got a 1050 speedtriple too:cool:

Welcome Martin… oh and TQ3 me old matey, glad you found LB at last to join in the fun and frolics ;):smiley: Won’t be long before you’ve found your way around the forum. :slight_smile:

welcome to LB, try the Michelin 2ct’s for superb grip and confidence :cool:

Thanks ladies - haven’t met many on bikes yet. I was beginning to think it was a guy thing.

And thanks for the tyre recommendations… is the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT better than the new Pilot Road 2? I’d prefer to have more stickiness even if the tyre wears out quicker.

Went down to Borough Market last night to say hello, but there was only one London-Biker on a black and yellow Ducati (sorry I can’t remember your name, but those Akrapovic cans sounded awesome). I know it was nearly zero degrees, so I admit it was a bit stupid to expect many to be there! Is anyone likely to go to the Ace on Monday?

Ace on Monday is Newbie Night so expect a fair few there whether they appear on bikes or cars it doesn’t matter this time of year :smiley: We usually take over the far end where the stage is, so come along and say hi, everyone’s welcome.

Also Friday night at the Ace usually brings out the hard core bikers too.

Welcome aboard Martin, enjoy LB. See you out on track or down the workshop:cool:

Welcome fella - there were a few of us down there last night but we were in the pub lol!! Bunch of us headed to the ace this friday if you are about…

Hello from Toowoomba, Australia. Just registered with LB and wanted to say Hi, found this thread and thought it was a good way to start.

I’m planning a trip to the World Superbikes at Brands Hatch in August, but will be wearing the Aussie flag, so you guys and girls might not want to associate?? :smiley:

Thanks for this thread and the welcome that comes with it.

Hello and welcome to LB fella oh and happy new year.

Thanks Alice. Was going to go to Ace on Friday, but it rained… (whimper).
Bike now clean, so might go for bacon sarnie on Monday evening.

And, VZchic, post a message just before you visit the motherland. I’m sure folks will be pleased to meet up.

Thanks M4rt1n Will do. It would be great to try to get to one of your wednesday night meet ups, I’ll just see how planning goes a little closer to the time.