Anyone got any news on Rana(sp?) aka In4TheThrills, I believe the poor girls had an off and is laid up in Charing Cross Hospital?

Anyone seen her or planning on going, maybe we should have a whip round for some flowers/grapes/bed bath from a Chippendale!?! :wink:

I do hope she’s doing OK?

Yes Rana did have an accident on her way to borough market tonight, she is in hospital with a broken leg, John will post up more details soon.

Oh bugger, I was hoping I’d misheard, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help, thanks for clarifying the news Andy.

glad shes ok and only got a broken leg, from what i heard it could have been worse

hi guys I have start another thread while you where talking in this one

Edit:So I have locked this one so we nothing gets missed

Update on the other Post guys,

but she will live to fight another day !!! but maybe the bike wont !!