In these conditions... I Ride...

The bed! Brrrrrrr - that’s another coffee in bed, I think…

I have had a lite dusting

Just ridden home on mine, careful out there guys, the roads are slippy slippy slippy !

Morning all, just got to work an hr ago, be very careful outside as Trojan has pointed out it’s very slippery outside.

Just went out to get this weeks MCN and all main roads are clear.

just tried to go to work…was all over the place…nooo way im riding out in this!!!

i maybee nuts…but i aint that nuts!!!


I would ride, if I did not live a the end on a non gritted hill…that gets very little through traffic…

To all you sports bike riders from a DRZ rider with enduro tyres, fun isnt it!!!

Bugger…not even working today, but have to drop the other half off…where’s me sled gone

Good decision mate, better late to work than be cold in the freezer…

I would ride but if I died my ex wife is cashing in so no ****ing way…

Bugger, didnt think of that

You must be fffffing joking - done it before ( snow and blizzards ) never gonna do it agian if I can avoid it.

Hats off to those who do though ( yer mad )

well in these conditions

didn’t have any probs coming in - did do a bit of a double take out the the window when i saw things were a little whiter than usual…(racial?)

getting out to the main road was done a bit carefully, but roads in central were ok - just wet

Well in waiting for this to clear,i thought i would put myself to good use…






To a DRZ rider from a sports bike rider, I have proably had as much fun as you, especially leaving circles in the snow at my works car park.

let me just clear this up…

it is a BAD thing to eat yellow snow right?.


Ya bunch of pussys

Nothing but nothing keeps me off the two wheels but it did taek over an hour to get to work today

Only down side is i lost all feeling in alll my extremities, and i do mean all!!

Time to get the Quad out me thinks!! power slides here i come!LOL