In the off season

During in the off season (Winter) are track days/racing schools still available as im planning to limit my riding to the track for a few months and know very little about track use?

Apart form more warm-up laps and bad weather what else chages?

there cheaper…

I personaly would not advise doing dark wet cold track days untill you have at least some dry summer time sesions under your belt.

cezar will prolly set some dates for another LB track day (soon i hope )

Lets do silverstone again!!

You should come with us DA, its a great place to improve all aspects of riding

and you will get a lot of support from other rides and pros like B.

people think you have to ride like a nutter on a track day, you dont theres plenty of peeps just cruzing.

If you want to go for a road ride id be happy to do some runs with you.

(you may think im nutz coz of that 170 mph thing with wig but im a good smooth road rider if i want to be, have been riding almost 20 years on and of now)

after an off your confidence takes a knock to.

I dont know if you have done much riding out of london but thats a good place to start.

Anyways nice to have you back clinton.

let me know if you want to do for a spin outa town.


Mr M thanks for the info as I have had my ankle smashed into four different bits I won’t be riding for a while I can’t even go pillion as I can’t use the foot rests either, but ill take a rain cheque on your offer if that’s ok.

My confidence is okay im kind of use to the whole near death experience thing im only 24 but have had a lot more then I would like to count, lets just hope I have a lot more than 12 lives

oh and its nice to be back Adam

i know you have had it ruff mate!! to say the least.

I hope things look up, your a decent fella.

hopefull see you at the cubana of something? i could pic you up in my van

Adam pretty much covers it there.
When you want to get out on track Da Artist let me know, i`ll be posting up a list of my instructing trackdays soon and will be doing them
to late in the year. If you want to do any or just have a question let me know.

Ill be at the LB trackdays too so if you book one of them therell be plenty of help and support from the crew. Just what you need when you`re new to this.

They may be expensive but if you can afford it id recommend the Caifornia Superbike School where youll be taught the correct approach to track riding. You could then practice these techniques on your trackdays rather than going to the trackdays first and perhaps picking up some bad habits.

Adam thanks but I think ill stay in or near home until I can walk without these stupid crutches so its about 6weeks of ebay shopping and 8 till I can dream of a track day

B, mind sending me a PM if I miss your thread im going to try and get on a few days this year after fixing the bike I may need to pimp my sister to pay for them but im sure she’ll understand

Sure i`ll keep you informed but go easy on your poor sister.

Thanks and ill easy up on my sis lmao

Don’t forget that (as well as dodgier weather) you’ll also get less time on track in the winter because it gets dark quicker. You can sometimes get to 5 - 5:30 in the summer, but in the winter that can be down to 3 - 3:30pm. One of the reasons it’s cheaper.

Or you could always go to Spain! :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about giving myself a birthday treat in November (you only turn 33 once!) and doing 3 days in Almeria with Track Sense -

I went to Jerez with them in May and had a fantastic time. Do it!