In the interest of fairness ..

There is a thread involving a septic with his Ducati . In this thread there are some slating of yanks riders and roads . I am a member of a US based forum and this is Nidz from that forum …Now he is currently banned from riding so rest assured he does pay the price for his activitys … For Nidz think R6illz but with a gopro and a bike upgrade .

Interests of fairness!?

Are you trying to turn the internet into some kind of peace & love hippy commune?

No . I would kill all hippies just like the next man . And the septics can be a bit stereotypical at times …However they do have some good bike hooligans and I thought it was quite a good video for a squiddly little Nidz . We are not faux news we are allowed to post both sides of the story :smiley:

ehrm…sorry to disappoint you numnum, but the bike in question was clearly an R1…and he wasnt even going that fast…:smiley:

O yes of course my mistake 6 is a higher number than 1. I forget sometimes I must work on Yamaha owners logic when talking about yamahas :wink: .

you posted at the beginning this bloke was on his ducati. he was on an R1. i wasnt taking the piss by saying he wasnt really going fast, i really dont think he was.

and of course 6 is bigger than 1, thats a fact. :smiley:

NO NO NOOOOO the Ducati is in the other thread… the 140k ducati . I never questioned your piss taking ? He doing not bad for a squiddly Nidz … certainley better than Ducati man … Retrospective questioning :smiley:

right, gotcha now. so much history behind this thread, mindblowing :smiley:

I shall try and keep the cerebal activitys to a mininumnum .

He’s not fat enough to be a septic.

do you mean sceptic? I don’t understand septic…

Cor blimey guv! Never heard of a septic tank? :w00t:

oh that sort of septic. never seen it used as a proper noun before though…

rhyming slang, Septic Tank = Yank

you really need to keep it simple dude,
here’s an example:

  • I am Valentino Rossi. If I stay in MotoGP it is to try to win. When that is not possible it is time to stay at home and work in the garden!


Was expecting more hooliganism.

He should buy a Supermoto.

It was as much the roads as riding skill I was putting across . He aint super fast but having some awareness of self preservaton is to be applauded . He aint someone I want to see splatted on a you tube vid he is a nice enough kid .

Why then compare him to illz_yzf?

General apperance only … Sqiddly kid with a yamaha :slight_smile: