In Praise of Obergruppen Fuhrer Rob

Once upon a time, three Triumphs, (a Tiger, a Daytona and Sprint) went to Germany (and Austria) for a long weekend. Rioting Rob was in charge :smiley: :smiley:

He organised and led all the trips, arranged the weather :P, made sure everyone was happy, and got us all back home safely.

When Pimlico Pilot, a newbie to bikering, dropped his Sprint :w00t:, Rob was there to help him pick it straight up and then showed him the video of how stupid he was :rolleyes:

Rob, thanks mate, it was a really brilliant trip. Even if French motorway line painters have no sense of humour, my whitewall tyres made you and Paul laugh and miss the next junction :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

looks like you all had fun:D…never know whitewall tyres might catch on

wow, pics look amazing!!! glad you guys had fun and are back safe!, i wont be putting the panniers on mine lol for milau!

Seeing as you’ve started this, a few pics while i upload a couple of vids to youtube.


Vid 1


Looks great:) Glad you had a good ride & fine weather:D

I’m going to bed,Here is part 2


nice camera work rob:cool:

looks amazing, after my weekend of ‘touring’ I can’t wait to get out to europe this summer. I shall be on your next one Rob for sure :cool:

Looks like you had fun!

cant wait to go on our trip now…:D:w00t:

Im going to be really girly here but those 3 bikes really look awesome together especially the colour scheme :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the same, three different triumps in different colours looks decent :cool:

Thanks for the praise Martin, yes it was a good trip made all the better by great company.:wink:

We shot from Calais to Cochem on the first day mainly by motorway with a few twistys at the end around Cochem area.

Stayed at a very nice place called Weinhaus Grafen that had a secure lockup for the bikes which was great.:slight_smile:

A total of 320 miles.:smiley:

Day 2 we headed for Pension Williams in the Black Forest witch started with an unexpected detour because of road works,:w00t: we found some great twistys and scenery that I made note of so that was handy.

This is where Martin had his misfortune and dropped his bike,:w00t::w00t::w00t: for first and last part of this journey was fantastic but the middle bit needs looking at.:unsure:

A total of 220 miles.:smiley:

Day 3 was a biggy as day trips go, Vorarlberg, Austria.:w00t: The route was planned to get onto the A8 and pick up the 31 down the German side of lake Konstanz and into the Vorarlberg.:cool:

This turned out to be the best route because I had been down the Swiss side and it’s town after town with 25 mph speed limits.:wink:

Now the reason we did this trip was to try a bikers gold award road. This is my personal opinion of that road.

I Would never give this road a gold award for 2 reasons, the first is it costs 10.50€:w00t: because it’s a toll, second is the lead up to it is passing through several towns with speed limits of 31mph,:w00t: now it could have been just the fact that I knew it was going to be a long day and wanted to keep the ride progressing, I don’t know.

Apart from that it was a great road and some spectacular scenery.:smiley:

A total of 455 miles.:w00t::w00t::w00t::smiley:

Day 4, a great run home.:Whistling:

A total of 450 miles:w00t:

So 4 days and 1445 miles later it turned out to be a good one.:):):):cool::cool:

thats some mileage!!! feeling for the guy on the daytona!!

Pauls longest day trip before this one was around 130 miles, so yes he did great and seemed to be loving it:D

Nice trip Rob and co,… Road Captain will be along soon I guess to pass on congratulations. Rob, maybe you could be his Number 2

Andy, if the road captain was on this trip he would have parted company a couple a miles in:D long way to go before i ever take that guy on a trip of mine:w00t:

blime thats good going, wish i could have gone…

Glad you all made it home safe and sound, looks awesome…shame I couldn’t quite get things organised enough to join you guys, but defo looking forward to the trip in July :slight_smile: