In Praise of Blue Lagos and Rioting Rob

Once upon a time, there were three pairs of Michelin Road Pilot 3’s that went to the Pyrenees.

They were mounted :w00t: on a CBF1000, a Tiger and a Sprint.

These bikes were “roadcrafted” to the Spanish side of the Pyrenees (and back :slight_smile: ) without any Gendarmerie licence issues, by Blue Lagos, Rioting Rob and Pimlico Pilot.

The trip was the Nick’s idea and he most sensibly delegated all planning, booking and navigation to Rob. Martin came along to add a certain Je ne c’est quoi .

Thank you Guys,

it was a great trip; wonderful company, glorious weather (apart from today, but that doesn’t count as were motorwaying from Saumer to Calais) and brilliant roads.

Great memories; Nick ‘coming out’ with a wonderful array of shirts, disintergrating trousers and dressing up for the last dinner.

Rob’s sandpit hiccup and his breakfast comments on the snore fest that was the result of him and Nick sharing a room, and only surpassed by the blame game of which one of them had made the bathroom they were sharing, uninhabitable :w00t: :w00t:

In the end the bear in the lounge at the Tarascon hotel had the last word

post script:- my night away in Toulouse from the team on Friday, had no connection whatsoever with a certain Madame Fifi La Belle :smiley:

Well done you three, looks like you had a ball.

Nick is a bit of a worry to us for all sorts of reasons, but if you got home safe and intact, we`ll bide our time before mentioning anything untoward.:rolleyes:

Glad you guys had a good time and are back safe and sound, looks like it was fantastic.

Rob has yet to be beat for planning / weather!

Rob please reserve a place on all your trips next year please!

Awesome pics, looks like you had a wicked time!

Looks like a great trip. Interesting to see Nick sporting some sort of wetsuit legging type things and not as many pictures of scoffing kebabs as on previous trips. The weather here has been really wonderful too. :Whistling:

Both hands ‘in action’ and those trousers revealing Le Bleu :wink:

Decisions, decisions, in the weather :doze:

I stand corrected on the scoffing ^^^^^^^^ :slight_smile:

Fantastic trip, loved every minute of it, great company and great roads.

N260 was as expected a fantastic road on par with the B500 in Germany.

a few pics:

Rob, I seriously need to get on one of your continental rideouts :w00t:

That looks amazing!!:cool:

Book early to avoid disappointment :stuck_out_tongue:

Paul, Nick and I are already down for his 2012 trips :smiley:


when is it?

a) PP said ‘trips’, so multiple :wink:
b) it’s an old geezer’s club there, we’d lower the average age a lot :blink: :smiley:

but probably be on par with the mental age :wink:

yes there are very regular wee wee stops when RR goes on tour :wink: So Jaime you will be fine.

Great photos guys. Today seemed very boring…:crazy:

Looks an amazing trip, just one thing bothering me… je ne “sais” quoi :smiley: sorry couldn’t resist

luverly. Rob’s a hoot on rideouts too!! GO ON PUDLEY!!! :laugh:

No worries Paul, Already looking at a few for next year:w00t::smiley:

Bulgaria, I heard on the grapevine :smiley:

Where can I sign up for Bulgaria? Do I need to pay a deposit?