in need of a ride and chat

ok i am colin from west london near heathrow and free most night but just stay in looking for a few people to get me out on the bike and go place for coffee or a coke

any takers please emial me at [email protected]

Get yourself down to Borough Market Meet tomorrow night - loads of people there for a chat & maybe sort out meeting up for some rides.

See you there :smiley:

Hayes here,

Any excuse to get out, sometimes head to Winsdor for a pootle myself.

Colin, get yourself to Poppins on Friday night. I know you don’t know anyone but its a good bunch of people. They are all easy to talk to. Just turn up and get chatting.

ok thanks for getting back not alot over this side by the sounds of things and the windsor run sounds good let me now when you going and i will try and jion you as only in northolt

I’m kind of over your way. Live in NW6 and work in W5. I’m regularly at the Ace and am usually up for a ride somewhere :slight_smile:

Theres alot of us from this side Colin, first port of call should be the Ace, that way you’ll get to recognise most of us and when someone shouts they’re going for a ride, jump in and add yourself.

Friday nights most of us appear there…usually a thread on here about it, then every other Friday we go from there to Poppins. We have rides around this way which means no riding across town, just straight out into the countryside.

The most excellent Shane AKA Smiled works at Heathrow and I think lives around there so send him a PM.

How close to heathrow are you???

I’m in West drayton same as flatout, and adam h is in iver!

i’m always going out for blasts when i have a day off (sundays and a day in the week - i work for a bike shop) but am waiting for my new bike to be ready so am on a SLOW demo at the Mo!!

I’m sure Colin said he lives in Northolt,

as nuts said come over to poppins tomorrow night, but dont go for the coke, go for the milkshake.