In Marlyborne High St around 7.30 tonite?

Hi All,

I am going to be in Marlyborne H St picking up a secondhand IKEA wardrobe for my son’s room. I will need help dismantling the wardrobe which is quite easy and straightforward for anyone but me if anyone is around at 7.30 pm and willing to spare 20 minutes please PM before 5 pm today and I will get intouch with you for the details.

…I will buy you a drink at Cubana next week and you will leave with a good feeling of inner satisfaction having helped me

Oh, mimi! If I wasnt going to the LB Pool night, I would do that for you. I’m sure that a kind soul will take the task.

See you on Wednesday

Humm… lets c, LB Pool v. unscrewing a wardrobe. I know which one I’d rather do! no worries mate I’d buy you a drink any way

lol! You are so kind

how about you come to the pool night, and we’ll all dismantle the wardrobe afterwards?

Can’t the person whose wardrobe it is help you, as s/he would have put it together in the first place.

You’ll need an allen key, as well as a selection of screwdrivers. Having said that, I think Ikea has a lot of their stuff put together with little wooden things that you insert into holes. They’re then glued in. That would be a problem.

You are right there Paivi! I have put some Ikea stuff together before and always using glue. Not sure that it would come apart without some damage though

Rubbish! there’s no glue in Mimi furnitureland, just screws, tools and smiles… u people are not helping here…

It looks like it’s down to me and my 7 year old then as all kind souls like pool

I am buying it from a fragile looking French young man here… he had the shelves on the thing in the wrong order until I sorted it for him last nite! He asked me with amazed look; ‘how did u know how? you just got here?!’ I replied half amused; ’ call it woman’s intuition’ … I will be safer not to ask him for help

Well as it happens I may very well be passing at that time.

If you can do that tomorrow or another day, I will more than pleased to help you! Honestly

Andrew and Cez are STARS in Mimi land. Thanks guys for making me feel less embarrassed about asking for help!

I would’ve loved to come and watch you boyz make fools of yourselves at Pool but I can’t. I am leaving work at 5.30 pm to catch the sun and wont pick up the thing till 7.30, so if anyone likes to join me for a quick drink before the Pool then plz let me know.