In light of recent posts...

In light of recent posts, there seem to be a lot of serving/ex-military on this site, and thought I’d share this little gem with you…

Really good site, dealing with all different parts of the Armed Forces! Like Friends Reunited for squaddies! :smiley:

Thoroughly recommend it to all you people who miss the banter that you can only get from your own sort of lunatic! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been on there for ages, and have found a lot of old mates on there… :wink:

And for the navy boys…

Rum rations.

I only ever posted on ASSE once, some good banter on there tho :smiley:

Is ARSE still going? I used to be on there years and years ago (not becuase I was ever in the military, just because I had so many friends in). Thought it had shut down!!!

Definitely still going! Click on the link in the original post… :wink:

If you’re ever bored, ARRSEpedia is a brilliantly humorous way of wasting time. And the scary thing is, it’s pretty much all true. :smiley: