In an attempt to improve my grumbly bitter old man image..

I’m going to try and sweeten myself up

The plan is to strip to the noody and smear myself with very expensive honey…

Anyone wanna lick, its a Fiver for one go, 3 for £10. If you want me to react like your making me excited, that’ll cost ya!

(this is also a thinly veiled attempt to boost the cash flow…)

So roll up roll up! Watch Moody Man or as AfroR1 likes to call me “The Forum Cloud” :hehe: try to make something better of himself for a good (beer) cause.

OK so raising money for me might have been a bit misguided… what about for London Air Ambulance then…

(god do I need some work)

Try leg waxing - you might get more takers :stuck_out_tongue:

Of all the places he could have had his legs waxed, he chose Borough market on what seems like a cold day? Surely wax has to be hot?

Masochistic tendencies methinks :smiley:

I remember those days. winter 2009 that was, when Borough Market was the in place to go for ‘LB off the wall fundraising leg waxing activities’, when the elderly gentleman with the plastic bags and beer cans was still a welcome addition to the biking scene and when Sneaky still posed without shame in full leathers with the Riot:D

However, Toby, I am sure if you presented yourself in the nude with a pot of honey at BM, BH or the Ace you might find some takers willing to pay for your little enterprise;)

There were plenty of warm hands willing to have a shot at Terry Motos legs I can assure you lol;)