In a no-fault accident. The costs to the 3rd party are spiralling!!!!

OK, so I was involved in an accident where a driver went straight in to the back of me whilst I was stationary at an entrance to a roundabout. Came of the bike and hurt my neck/back etc. The bike is only 4 months old and on a ‘12’ plate (cost me £5,800 new). This happened on Sunday 22nd July and I was only fit to go back to work on Monday 30th July. The 3rd party claimed full responsibility to both me and the police/paramedics who attended the scene - I also got her to write/sign this on a bit of paper.

My issues are these - My insurance company (I’m 3rd party, fire and theft) very promptly collected the bike, referred my case to BLD and ‘New Law’ - the latter to chase all uninsurred losses, personal injury, clothing etc etc Yes, they were paid £500 for this referral!!! Also, I have just been given a loan bike, which the 3rd party is being charged £100 per day for. Also, my insurance company have estimated the costs of repair at about £2500…but, I suspect the frame is damaged and they haven’t yet checked that. They have invited the 3rd party insurers to send an engineer to inspect the bike. Meanwhile all costs are getting a bit silly. I really do not want to go back on that bike, it being involved in a prang etc So, I am hoping that the bike is written off. What are the odds of this happening? Surely, the 3rd party insurance company will not want to pay the £100 per day for me to have a heap of junk 650 bandit??? If they write the bike off, then surely they will save money? Also, who will check the frame? Will it be 100% safe if fixed???

Your help is appreciated.

Why did you buy a new bike for near 6 grand without getting fully comp insurance?

You won’t have to pay for anything if it goes 100% no fault.

The bike will only be written off of the damage repair exceeds the value of the bike

They won’t give the bike back to you unless its safe to ride. If you have any suspicions about the chassis (not the subframe as that’s easily replaced) then request then to measure it for warp in a jig.

Hope you feel better soon, welcome to our website etc

I’m only 18 and the bike is a ER6f - restricted to 25KW, hence the 3rd party fire and theft.

But, surely it’ll be cheaper to write it off? Since they will be paying £100 per day for a good couple of weeks (maybe more) if not??? Should I contact the 3rd party insurance directly and ‘cut a deal’?

Is that you bikerfriend ?

a bike will be written off when the estimated repair costs go above 60-70% of its value…

I strongly suggest you talk to T.C. off this forum, now. Send him a PM. He is truly exceptional (I know from personal experience).

Thanks, have done.

I was hit off my bike twice last year - both times the other partys fault (although the second one was a taxi driver who then colluded with a taxi buddy to make up a BS story about me overtaking on the inside of him at 70mph). Luckily I had a fabulous witness who took time to draw what really happened, and that tied in with the damage and my story - so I won that argument.

In both cases I got hire bikes from BLD. £120 per day. I had the hire bike 5 weeks the first time and 7 weeks the second. Each time the hire costs exceeded the value of the hire bike. Crazy. They valued my bike at 4k each time and each time they offered me the option of a cash settlement of 65% of the bikes value and the bike back so I could repair it myself. It wasn’t cat d or anything either time. Each time I spent around a grand and a half fixing the bike - although their quotes to repair had been higher than the 65% cutoff. Bike parts are worth more than the bikes themselves - so it doesn’t take much damage for them to want to write the bike off. Each time I also got paid for uninsured losses such as clothing etc and a small amount for injuries even though I was hardly scratched. Minster law acted for me, but actually I did all the leg work on winning the second case because the taxi driver and I were both with the same underwriters (so they weren’t motivated to appoint blame). I just wouldn’t let it go and eventually won the liability argument which left Minster to simply cleanup the costs.

So - each case cost a stupid amount of money. The second case for instance costs were:-
hire bike £5800
Payout for bike damage £2600
Clothing £2000

So - over 10k paid to me, plus lawyers costs and loads of admin fees I’m sure. Stupid. The insurance company didn’t seem to care about wasting money on hire bikes even when it was obvious this guy should have accepted liability. That’s why our bloody premiums are so high - it’s a “costs plus” racket.