Improving the Tea Hut

Those that have been to the Blackheath teahut know all too well that there is only one small dilapidated bench and no shelter which is not great when it decides to tip it down!

I’m wondering if it is worth applying to the local council to get some decent seating and some kind of heavy duty awning/unbrella put up there? Naturally I don’t think the council would do it all for free but some financial help from people who go to and use the tea hut regularly might mean we can get something done up there (I’m aware that other biker groups, cabbies, couriers so on and so forth go to the hut). We have to go via the council as whatever we do will require planning permission and I doubt the owners of the Tea Hut will do it.

What are your views on this, is it worth looking into?

Or just go somewhere better?

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If I was that’s a pretty sh*tty joke lol

Yeah then we can ask them to offer a healthy organic range when Tarquin and Morgana drop by on their GS1250’s with the side car options, and Drizabella and Follop their two delightfully spoilt little rugturds hop out and won’t eat anything that hasn’t been hand reared by the staff.

We could even get a calorie count on the menu next to each item to help them choose…

Bacon Bap - You fat fecker cals!
Sausage Bap - Ooooh naughty cals!
Egg Bap - Poof, put some meat in it cals!
Sausage, egg and bacon bap - That’s better cals!
Tofu - Feck off we don’t do rabbit food cals!

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Just leave it as it is.

Some nob will just nick or damage it

Could be worth talking to the Tea Hut themselves first? They may have tried something already.

Sounds like they haven’t got many friends in the council, or this mysterious “Blackheath Society” I read on their website a while back -

We could ask for a few armchairs aswell:D

lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote for a Biker Themed Cafe complete with stage for live bands, large cinema style screen and impromptu open mike and Karaoke sessions, plus a selection of stalls selling a range of hot and cold foods, wines and real ales from all over the world (and if Shane MacGowan can do an opening speech so much the better;))

Welcome to LB Sarah, you must be knew around here? :wink: :smiley:

The standard responses you’ve received to what is a perfectly reasonable question, regardless of how feasible or otherwise, are what you’ll come to expect over your time with LB. Negative, derisory and generally toned in the ‘what the feck are you on about’ style are regular and standard responses from the people of LB, maybe we should alter the site name to London ‘Daily Mail’ Bikers? :stuck_out_tongue:

My two penneth, it’s a reasonable point to make, why shouldn’t local users of a service, regardless of this service being provided privately, ask for a better quality of experience when using the service? The council, as you’ve already mentioned, govern planning and alterations to the delivery and use of the service therefore would need to be approached as well as the service provider themselves.

I suspect those that run the tea hut would love to improve the seating and shelter arrangements as it would no doubt bring in more custom, and if we as users of this service are willing to assist in improving these arrangements for ours and others benefit then why not? Are we so selfish that we’d only do this solely for our benefit?

In principal I think it’s reasonable to make further enquiries, although the practicalities of any changes happening are a different matter.

The only thing I will say is that the ‘Friends of the Heath’, in essence the vocal NIMBY residents, have in the past put pressure on the council re: reducing the parking provison by the tea hut. I believe if they had their way it would be gone altogether.

They think it detracts from the overall appearance of the heath, read: devalues their property, and they don’t like the fact that it, in their eyes, attracts the less savoury members of society, cabbies, bikers, truck drivers, people on their way home from the pub, in essence anyone that’s not them!

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I’m still warming to the idea of a Karaoke night on Black Heath - why should Soho have all the fun?:slight_smile:

alright hels…lets get abit of ABBA from ya tonight!!!:smiley:


why not just go to BM where there is shelter, atmosphere, a pub, a decent burger place, cash point, proper coffee shops etc etc.

It is 10 minute ride away and perfect for the job.

Are you trying to get into her knickers or something? :P:D;)

Cheers Shane:)

I am going to a friend’s house for dinner tonight at 7.30pm, but will definitely sing some Karaoke if there is a sing a long planned for Friday:D:D

Maybe a couple of Abba - ‘Waterloo’ to start with, followed by ‘Dancing Queen’ (Westie can join me for that for a duet), followed by ‘Paranoid’ Black Sabbath, Wham ‘Wake me Up Before you Go Go,’ and a few from Greece the musical:D

I think an LB Karaoke night would improve Black Heath no end - but I agree it’s not everyone’s cup of tea:P


Park, have fun, rape & pillage Shane & Rob