Must admit that is a little confusing.

She’s not that great looking

He looks like someone’s shoved a live goldfish up his arse.

Blimey Anna. I thought you out of all people would get it… :rolleyes:

I think she’s bloody hot :cool:

nice baps too :smiley:

Bet ye wanna check her padding, eh? :smiley:

not bad but seen better cosplays of powergirl :wink:

Herr Schmidt (27/11/2011)

Bet ye wanna check her padding, eh? :D[/quote

thanks for reminding me about grabbing the girls boobs last night. I didnt remember at all. stupid vodka :smiley:

Wow … those gloves look amazing! And there’s so much washing up to do in our kitchen right now :smiley: