Importing a bike from Spain

I’m looking for info about procedures for importing a bike from Spain to UK. It’s been prepared for UK use, eg speedo, indicators, reflectors, etc. I’ve been assured that EU import papers have been completed, so what’s the deal when I get it here? Particularly with registering with DVLA, VCA, etc.

Many thanks in advance.

Whistler might know - he lives in Spain.

I’ve registered an imported scooter from Italy before. It’s not that hard. You just need to get it mot-ed here and fill in the right forms from the dvla. Apparently sometimes they want to inspect it, but didn’t need to for mine.
Let me know if you have specific questions.

Many thanks… will be asking you some specifics soon!

No problems whatsoever in registering it in the UK… ** Just make sure you cancel** the Spanish registration or you will be getting bills every March forever… Mot your bike in the UK and fill out the forms given by your local office. You will have your new number in 3 or 4 days.

If it has come to Spain from a non EU country you also need to get a VAT Paid certificate. Normally they will not allow a vehicle to leave the docks without VAT being paid…but this is Spain and a well placed bit of cash can achieve the impossible !!:slight_smile:

Thanks for that… the bike has never been registered anywhere, just get confused when looking at the VOSA stuff!

As far as I’m aware, the bike has been sat for 10 years from new after being shipped over from India. I have a contact who will bring it over in a van, but I ain’t heard about paying any export duty as such.

If Vat hasn’t been paid you will have to pay it before they will register it. As I said, it’s more than likely been paid here in Spain but you may be asked for proof of this.

Ta mate. Where are you in Spain? Perhaps you know of another way of getting it here? I have a number for a geezer that will do Marbella to London for 350 euros, not a bad price but maybe you know otherwise.

350 sounds about right. Plenty of vans running to and from the UK. You could try asking for a delivery price on . I am further north in Alicante and paid 210 Euro to get a ZZR from Tamworth to Benidorm area.