Important to remember this Christmas

I like it, remembering when hard earned was just that and paid out weekly in a little brown perforated envelope. Proper folding and coin of the realm and when it was gone it was gone. No shenanigans with pay day loans and all that malarkey, although we did have the Provident man God bless him. 

I’m waiting for the January sales, then I’ll buy myself something.

I can get myself pretty far into debt without buying any of those things.

That’s funny but it’s also true. Debt is almost fashionable lately. Although “Can’t Pay, they’ll take it away” does make great Television and a reality check for some people.

The only shopping we’ll be doing in January is picking up some SANTIR wall uplighters from Ikea Marsden Park, a little extreme but they don’t stock them any where local.

I can’t wait til I have paid off the last of my bike loan, early next year. So I can do it all again hehehe

NT, I have just started getting paid weekly again - it feels remarkably similar :slight_smile:

Amen to that!

But… But… But… Isn’t the whole point of Christmas to overspend on a whole pile of crap that you neither need or want?!? LoL

Seriously, I really can’t understand why people feel the need to express their feelings for their loved ones with material goods. I’m getting exactly what I asked for this year - time with my family. I don’t need to max out my credit cards to do that.