Import 125

Not seen him on here or heard of him since his bike got picked up by the RAC back from our ride to the coast ages ago.

Has anybody heard from him or know what he’s up to?

He was at the LB Sausage Sizzle, went home with a tent:D

Last I heard, someone was on the site looking for somewhere romantic to take him for the weekend but that’s a few weeks back.

Prior to that, he was on here lamenting that he’d knocked out every form of transport he owned except a mountain bike and iffy skate board and later saying he’d been bottled in a pub incident.

Got a mobile for him if you want to give him a call.

PM if you want the number.

You’re not just like a walking encyclopedia, but also like a walking journal! :wink:

I don’t need to get in touch, I was just wondering about him, hoping he’s alright and his bike is back on the road soon.

Not realy. I just don’t get out much.

Getting the 125 back on the road wasn’t a difficult fix, but I think he was just skint.