Impatient !

I dont mean to affend any bikers but…

Why is it that some bikers are really impatient? puts a bad name on some of them.

Yesterday i like several others got stuck in the stack up on the A3. While i could filter through lots of the traffic there was a couple of occasions you just cant get through, to tight for any bike to get through. Other times i was not going to risk it, so if that was the case i pull over to let any other bike have ago.

So why is it when it really is impossible to get through even bending your mirrors back, did a biker right at the back of the que have to be impatient and beep his horn ?? Is that going to get you any closer ?? NO

Little rant over

I’d have put the bike on the stand and gone and had a chat - I really hate people like that - trying to rush ahead with no clue as to what’s actually happening.

Depends who is behind you Pat and how big he is, remember Claire is a lady

Dont matter how small the person its the bike width thats got to get through init! The guy behind me was shaking his head at him for beeping his horn, least he could see the impossibility.

Have to get used to this i suppose

Maybe he was rushing home to watch Ugly Betty I just listen to my Ipod and ignore idiots like that.

I must admit that I do get a little frustrated when cars don’t move over when they can easily leave a gap for a biker. I saw a guy spit at a woman’s window for almost crushing him and his bike against a bollard when he tried to go by her in slow moving traffic. She saw him next to her and as the traffic moved she tried to go forward, blocking him even more, instead of simply letting him by so he could continue on his way. What a selfish cow! I have a full face helmet so I won’t be trying that

I had the same issue on the A4 Tuesday so I let him through let him get stuck got right up behind him and pushed the horn button and reved the bike. When he turned round I just lifted the front of the lid and shouted see ya can’t get through can you ! you dick He just sat there as quiet as a mouse from then onwards

Instant Karma! I like it!

you make thy laugh young Mike!

Drei thats minging