Impatient newbie's progress

Last weekend got some assistance to put newly welded exhaust back on bike, fitted sissy bars and mirrors.

Yesterday took bike to garage for service and MOT. Passed MOT and got a thumbs up from the garage (after they’d cleaned all the crap out of the carbs) and they say it’s a good’un so I’m happy.

Passed theory test and got confirmation of my DAS.

This morning I’m dragging the trailer over to the garage to pick up the bike, can’t WAIT until I can get on the back of it and just ride the bloody thing!

So IF I pass the DAS, I’ll be out and about and up to Ace at the beginning of November to meet the rest of you.

And if I can persuade His Nibs to take me on the back of his Bonnie and my teenager to babysit, I might even be able to get to Rykas on Sunday but no promises about that one.

Next purchase? Lid and leathers for kids so I can take them on the back once I’m a bit more confident.

It’s all going in the right direction!

Keep it up !

Good luck with the DAS, November at the the Ace will be really, really quite why not come down now?

Da Artist

Best of luck with DAS , see you down the Ace.

You kidding? You’ve still got that stick and I bet you can run faster than I can!

If I’m going to do this I’d prefer to do it properly and I’d feel a total burk turning up in a beaten up old Clio with a bike stuck on the trailer behind… and judging by what you lot said about the traffic last Monday I’d have to set out NOW to get there by tomorrow evening and can’t get a babysitter for that long. November newbie meet it’ll have to be. (Can’t wait, want to see who gave me those bruises!)

Ok well having fun riding and driving, like I said good luck with the DAS

…poke poke

i dont know who’s more excited here…you or me…lololol

bluddy good luck on ya DAS course and test mate…i did the the same thing. the very evening i passesd my das…i told my instructor it was my goal to pass and go up the ace.

and ive never felt prouder!!!

keep us informed mate

and once again…GOOD LUCK!!!


Good luck with the DAS, see you at the Ace in November

Good luck with the DAS, looking forward to seeing your Virago.