Images On LB Clothing?

Any plans to allow us to design LB clothing with images?

I’d love to get some LB clothing with my avatar on it, but at present, the designer only seems to allow text :frowning:

It’s not possible I’m afraid. This is a limitation with the vendor, not us unfortunately. Sorry!

No worries - thanks for letting me know :smiley:

I know a company here in Germany that’ll do ya absolutely anything on a t-shirt for 15 EUR, if you can get the graphics off Jay and send me a design I’ll be happy to get it done and post it to you.

Might go down there myself to get myself an orange high-viz shirt with something naughty on the back :smiley:

It did cross my mind - I also use a website called ShirtCity (based in Germany, funnily enough) and I could always rip the LB lettering, but thought it would be a bit rude if LB didn’t get a cut of the fundage :wink: