I'm thinking about a winter project?

I was thinking about buying this and either using it for spares or even doing it up so I have a spare bike…:cool:


That looks good, its brand new :cool: … but that price for 2001 bike :w00t: those must be great bikes :wink:

I have owned one - was a great bike and would buy another - they seem to hold their value though.
Shame about the 1000 mile oil changes - mine was an early one so maybe that has changed.

Just ride it :smiley: or better still, stick some better brakes and street rims and tyres on it :smiley:

project?:blink: needs roughing up quite a bit first :smiley:

Not much project there . Maybe give you 2 days of cleaning and an hour or 2 to service if you take your time .

You obviously haven’t seen his other bike :w00t:…

Winter projects just cost £££ might aswell buy a bike that needs nothing in the first place

Just change the important bits from it over to this one and you have ‘mark II’. The problem is, the new one will be in too good condition to carry on the name!

The Rot is (might be) dead, long live the Frankenrot!

What do you mean? Mine’s as new!:cool:

2 days of cleaning!:blink: Have you lost your friggin mind? Mines taken years to look as good as it does!


May be with lessor bikes…1098’s etc. With these bikes it tales years to get them up to that “just so” spec.

Go and wash your mouth out Garret!:angry:

Alright then I will bite … lets see the current bike ?

brace yourself…tis a sexy beast on wheels :Whistling:

We can play top trumps . I have a range from mint condition to scares old ladys at night :smiley:

Also that bike looks like it needs a remus can on it … Just so happens I found 2 remus cans in my garage today while looking for superblackbird exhausts … Prob is I do not know what they are for but I bet one would fit that honda :smiley:

I predict a…

To be honest no photo can do it justice… you have to see it up close - just don’t get too close cause the fumes alone can kill you in an instant…

but to be fair to it (and Sneaky) I’d love to own it… :smiley:

Behold…The Riot!:cool:

It would take very many years to get the Ebay bike up to my bikes condition!

Last time I saw it the exhaust fell off and had to be held on with string from a gift shop… :smiley:

to be honest that’s prime condition for Greece… :smiley:

I mean it even has new stickers on the shocks…!!!

Hey NumNum. What other XR6 spare you got? And are they rusty? TBH, The Riot is part CR125 and KTM LC4SM, so I’d be interested in all sorts. It’s very sick at the mo…:crying:

You mean it actually had the exhaust on it when we started the ride?:blink: Sorry about that!:blush:


Why don’t you haggle with the seller and say you’re quite picky as you have a prestine example. Then don’t forget to video his face when you turn up to have a look on the riot :smiley:

I suspect it would only take a couple of nights in the same garage before the riot’s rashes and disease would have spread to the new one though.

Oh, and when you say it’s sick, do you mean “sick” as American rap or just ill? What’s up with it?