I'm sorry to say another one down

Just had text from Charlie his girlfriend is in A+E. No further details. GWS and hope it is not serious.

Oh man!!! hope clare is ok thats ****ty… details as soon as ya hear them jamie

Oh no…hope she is Ok!!!


Hope they are both ok. GWS Claire

oh god, please lets hope shes ok xxx

Like I said he didn’t give details. Just thought I would put this here so if you have his number send your best wishes to them both…

We were there so know she is ok but am sure Charlie will let you know more when he gets home.

right guys before the chinese rumers start flyin around i think(hope) that its her wrist thats broken we all helped her into the ambulance,hope she has a speedy recovery,i feel for charlie he looks real worried

I was there, Claire is ok(ish)

I would rather Charly updated us all himself.

Let’s leave it at that.


sorry to hear that, hope everyone is ok soon

best wishes to claire and charlie

I’m really sorry to hear that. Get Well Soon Claire. xx

Yeah, I’ll second that Wiggy, lets wait and hear from Charlie, and hope she’s not any worse than she looked.

Healing Hugs Claire, hope all mends soon.

Sam and Nick

If it is not for me to say, as I was not there, then I am sorry but my sentiments remain the same

Aaah Claire? so so sorry littleun? …huge hugs for you and Charlie…let us know how you are soon as you can? Hope not too much damage to you and bike?..bike can be fixed but hope you are fine…what happened girl? Was this on the Pet Rideout?

The bike is ok and it was after the pet ride. Get well soon Claire lots of hugs, thoughts with you and Charly. Also well done lustfish you did a good job there

Sorry to hear, thoughts are with you both.

Get well soon Claire

Best wishes, get well soon and if it’s a busted wrist I hope you can still get your leathers on and at least ride pillion while it’s mending. Hope there isn’t too much other damage to you or your bike, but mainly to you.

Was a really nasty corner - humpback bridge, muck all over the road & no signs or anything.

Get well soon Claire.

Damn, sorry to hear this Claire! Get well girl!