I'm So Sorry

Im so sorry people i seem to have a pm from a member not telling names that i was acting like a d1ck and slagging peoples bikes off when i cant ride at the moment coz i got banned, yes i got banned for doing 130mph on the m25.

if i offended you last night please be honest and tell me here and not through a pm and i will publicily appoligise

so id lie to start by saying sorry everybody for slagging off your rides etc

and for not staying inside where we normally sit and for going outside

over and out

You have the freedom of voice and if someone has a **** bike in your view then say so. I can’t stand the look of some bikes and feel it would be bloody silly to be telling someone a lie.

What next, someone taking you to the Mods for being bikeist :w00t:


You did’nt seem too keen on my bike,perhaps it was the paint scheme and markings you did’nt like:D

do u think id id done what i did last night if it was your own bike no i wouldn’t i respect peoples bike, well not met ones :laugh: i think it was the colour that did my head in espically the blue light at the back

If it was a pig bike you could have put a slice of bacon on it :stuck_out_tongue:

nah the slice of acon was alreadhy sitting on it, it was like 5ft 8 in height this peice :laugh:

Have seen some fit bits of bacon of late. Have to say that at last I’m having nice thoughts when I see them :slight_smile:

A little bit of oil, roll the bacon around in it, get it nice and warm and then you can put it in your mouth and eat away… :smiley:

130mph…:ermm:…thats gone down by 20mph since the last time you spoke to me about it !!!

what was you riding again Ginge ??..I forgot…:Whistling:

yes well about time! ha ha only kidding!:smiley:

I don`t mind you offending me.:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not a problem Ginger. i hear people slagging your ride off every day… They are always late and when they do come you get 2 or 3 come at the same time;):smiley:

I want an appoligy because if i was there u might have slagged my bike down lol:Whistling: plus you keep hogging the sexy post.

OMG i almost got nicked last night i had to put my bike on its nose before i went through a speed gun the copper was looking at me like i got u NOW then i slammed on the breaks and his face just dropped LOL then i got the eye of evil like “next time ill get you” :hehe:

Where was the copper with the speed gun?

by festival lesuire i know 2 people reckon they got snapped :S and im shocked there trying to throw us off festivel lesiure now :frowning: where do we go after dick turpin now

im very sorry for nicking your sexy post but im more sexier :laugh:

Thats more like it :smiley:

To be honest I reckon I probably would have wanted an apology if you DIDNT slag other peoples bikes off!!!


Just as well you aint seen my leathers yet…