I'm so proud of my boy!

That’s Spoty on my ex-house, doing his bit to keep his food tray full! I’m so proud of him! That’s my boy!


spoty boy.JPG

After a busy day of work he gets his deserved rest!



By the way: I saved the poor little things live… Spoty wasn’t very happy though…

ha ha cool cat.

my dog dont give anythin a chance even if she hears them on tv thats it she’s off

Well done spoty!

Nice pics. I LOVE cats.

Your avatar cracks me up Tony, hehehe… Cezar, I’m surprised your cats can catch anything, they’re so over-fed!

Yer Tones. What’s going on with the cat in your avatar?

cezer at least there is no more wine on your laptop

What are you feeding your cats tony its not whiskas is it I think its space cakes

That’s really funny Tony! I can imagine the trying to kick your arse! Yaaaaaaa!

Crazy cats eh?! … you gotta love 'em!

Same here Tony! One these days i got to bed later than usual and Spoty was on my place. My wife shouted ‘‘you don’t even think on wake my cat!’’ I slept in the guest room! I was cold another night becouse Nero was sleeping over the cover and I didn’t want to bother him, so I had to get another one… Lucy, the white one, only eats Tuna on the breakfast and fresh fish at night. People g to m house and think we are mad! But if you live with them you can’t believe it, I can sware that they talk to me, obviously they don’t use words but they do communicate very well…

Do I sound too mad? Better stop here, lol