I'm so frickin useless - can't even tighten my chain. I NEED that OMC course.

I got hold of the workshop manual for the ER6-f - it quotes 30 - 40mm and I went for the looser end of the range (because too tight is worse than too loose, so I understand).

i always thought too tight was bad too, can bend the teeth on the front sprocket, plus i thought if it was too tight theres even more chance of it snapping?

Test your chain for the tightest spot, and adjust whilst using that as your test area. But aim for the middle of recommeded range… too tight is definitely engine grindingly bad, but if you go loose at that point, then the rest of the chain is looser OUT of the recommended range… chains jumping off always seem like a bad idea, and potholes (ie most of London bend the suspension enough to allow that to happen if the chain is too slack … obviously isn’t a regular thing, but wouldn’t risk it myself. Glad you got it sorted though… always a good feeling working on your bike, and starting it again to find it does work fine… real achievment feeling. That’s why I play with mine as much as possible… real satisfaction as saves oodles of dollar bills too!

Good tips there Toby, I’ll check it again - and yes lots of satisfaction. I did the KLV after (no corroded cotter pins) that was a simple 5 minute job, so that made me feel a little less useless.

if its dragging on the floor then its a tad too loose :smiley:

made me chuckle this thread as I didn’t think ANYONE was so dumb as not to know how to tighten a chain :smiley:

nice one Simon…but ffs never try fixing you brakes get a grown up to do it :P:w00t:

LOL - yeah Steve - I will take your advice on the brakes!

From his other posts it looks like he works on payroll software, there’s an old adage in the computer industry that for good reason has been passed down through countless generations:

‘There’s no more scary a sight than a software engineer brandishing a screwdriver’ :w00t:

What are you guys LB’s Psy Ops Surveillance Team… I better not catch you rooting through my rubbish bins for clues to my utterly unintelligible nonsense… its taken years to perfect but I assure you, I am a professional and I will take the secrets of my skillset to my grave… as IF i’d leave clues in the rubbish bins… for god’s sake I’m a middle class twit, we recycle or if its not possible we make shite sculptures out of our waste at night time Sculpture 101 in the hope it means we are more interesting than we fear we are :smiley:

You got that exactly right.