I'm so bored...

…that I ordered this to keep me entertained. 50 metres of large bubble bubblewrap.

Should keep me occupied for a couple of hours. :hehe:



I’d wrap it around myself and jump, crash on the walls , fall on the floor!! :smiley:

Oooo never thought of that. But I have enough medical problems as it is. Might use it as wallpaper.



I’m bored as well, but I’m at work


she is crap!! Kev you can def do better even with all your injuries :smiley:

Just roll it out and take the crutches to it.

For a moment I thought that was our Tiggi in that video! :w00t:


my fav bit…:D.


i had to do a double take too!! LOL

Put a big sheet of bubblewrap on the floor under your chair and pop the bubbles every time you move. Great fun, and has the advantage of irritating the poo out of people sitting near you cos they never know when you’re going to start popping again. Particularly effective if you sit still for a while and then start up again.

Or fold the sheet up on the floor, rig up a gantry with a winch, hoist an anvil up there and do the whole lot in one go. :smiley:


you mean POP!!! :Whistling:

Hmmmm… BOOM or POP? I think that’s a question which needs answering.

Does anyone have an anvil?

Bored also …(this may help though)I am currently working in a starbucks and cant help but overhear thie following conversation…

Lady 1- “SO hows it all going?”

Lady 2 “awful they ave ruined it already”

L1 “how ? what happened?”

L2 " when they drilled the roof to fix the learner driver triangle to it they made the hole too big, now it leaks…and there seems to be a footprint on the roof liner. "

Que symutaneous laughter from 5 different tables in the coffee shop. this conversation has now been going on for in excess of 10 minutes…priceless

No but I have the bubblewrap! :smiley:

I’m so bored I’ve resorted to trolling through all of the crap thats posted on LB :wink:

you are very VERY ODD young man


and there was me thinking she actually did some work in her office n not fool around :stuck_out_tongue:

Me…work, don’t be ridiculous!!! I can’t watch the video here at work but I’ll watch it when I get home and if it’s bad your all getting a slap :smiley:

hmmm wasn’t mel and her sis was it lol :w00t: