I'm renaming this month Twactober

Since the beginning of the month, I’ve witnessed (the aftermath of) two accidents (one looked pretty serious), seen at least one near miss, had a few myself (one of which I could have guessed and did kind of guess, one I have no idea what the woman was doing, and I suspect she didn’t either, and one where the lorry driver either didn’t see or (more likely) didn’t look before moving over because of a bus), and know of one more accident (on here). It seems that this month has brought out the idiot in everyone. What the hell is going on?

I agree :crying: perhaps there’s something in the rain water that is absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream. Once it reaches the brain it causes rapid deterioration of common sense and motor skills?

I saw a accident tuesday morning, on the north side of London Brigde going south.

A car braked, the vespa behind it braked and the push bike behind the vespa rear ended the vespa. Yep not looking…

higher stress levels, everyone’s trying to quit smoking / drinking or both.
i don’t think its a coincidence…

Weather changes. Roads are colder, there’s more rain about, the sun is low, and it gets dark earlier - people don’t adjust.

Seasonal Affected Disorder- or just SAD b*stards!

so…we were saying about september? :smiley:

I was just about to say that lol

had a guy who wanted to beat me up because I said these exact words " why dont you give me more space when you pass" this was as he sped pass about 40mph in a 20 about 6 inches from my arm in a big 4x4 whilst I was on my bicycle.

He got out his jeep thingy cursing this and that…he was about 5’ 4 " and obese…I laughed my a$$ off.

I had someone pull off one of the most ridiculous overtakes I’ve ever seen this morning - heading down trinity road just along the side of wandsworth common and I was moving out to the right ready to filter past the inevitable slow/stopped traffic. Guy in a bmw undertook me at about 50mph (he must have been mm from the kerb and inches from my elbow) then swerved across me into oncoming traffic to overtake a car before having to sharply cut back into the queue having passed me and one car (and I went straight back past him anyway).

I also had a taxi driver run a red light on me earlier in the week near oval, he’d been stopped for a while and then randomly set off into my path with his light still red.

I reckon somebody has drugged the water supply

2 this morning.

Corner of Garret Lane and Tooting Broadway, I’m coming along Garret Lane turning left towards Clapham. I brake (hardish) for the lights rather than run them and I hear a bit of ‘gripping’ to my left. Turns out that the white van man behind me was looking to run the lights and my braking didn’t help him, so he had to slam on the anchors. Fortunately I had left a gap of the width of his van plus about 6 inches to my left, and he managed to find it, otherwise it would have been a bit nasty.

Then, not a mile later, going up Tooting Broadway towards Bec, I’m filtering nicely when the bin lorry in front of me, with little or no warning, decides it is slewing across the road so that it can reverse back into a tiny little pretty invisible entrance. Had to nip round the front. #

Second one I didn’t help, but the first one, there wasn’t much I could have done about it. I’m off to buy my lottery ticket. No really, £100m on the Euromillions tonight.

Yesterday, going along the A40 towards the White City flyover at a fair lick, start slowing down as there I a traffic queue ahead. Guy in a blue BMW undertakes me then swerves into my lane and slams on the anchors to join the back of the queue.

Filtered past giving the appropriate hand signal.

Yup. It is the season when many people should stay in bed for another hour before heading out to work… Some appalling driving going on and some rabid riders out there. Not because they are faster than me, but because they are putting other people at serious risk of injury. Slow down a touch, and you will get there just about as quickly. My commute this morning took me 31 minutes instead of 28 minutes. Best I’ve done is 25 minutes. All down to traffic, road conditions and how fast I am prepared to ride. I’d rather get there in one piece.

Bobzilla, I’m the same as you. I hang left or right of the lane when coming to lights that are red as people do run them. I know as I’ve been taken off. 19th November 2008. Booyah!

I’ll be hanging right a lot more.

100% agree

All of the above sound like great reasons to make sure we all tool up with a mini dvr (digital video recorder) of some type. With the SJ4000 wifi at less than £70, I might buy a couple of them, for front and rear view.

I’m off to Chiswick in a car, soon. It might rain, so the roof will be nice. And it’s good to know that I’ll have the security of the air bags, the seat belt, the CD player, the storage for the books I’ve got to carry, and I’m not in a rush. I’m going to have a pleasant drive. It just won’t be as enjoyable as getting on the toy and buzzing down there with a smile. Let’s see how many near misses I can spot.

Reading all this malarkey I think the Go Pro is going back on the helmet. Although a bit of defensive riding goes a long way. I often hang back because I have a bad feeling about someone’s riding or driving and see others get into a pickle when said veihicle does thomthing unexpected or stupid. Can’t see them all. ( by the way not saying I’m perfect, have had the odd “that was stupid, what you doing you stupid bugger?!” Moment myself.

so, yesterday afternoon 2 staff’s that were not on leads attacked and killed my girlfriends cat.
we had him 15 years.
police say its a civil matter but there was nothing civil about it.
**** this month.
**** last month.
and most likely next month too.

That’s awful Shaun! Speak to the council, they can issue Doggie ASBO control orders.

As for all the driver related comments- Is anyone really surprised? I have always expected everyone else on the road to be aiming at me and it’s my job to be somewhere else when they try it!