im realy lost at the mo,

yep im a newbie and realy not sure how i say hi to everybody can some peeps help me please

You don’t need any help, you just said hello very effectively.

Hello, and welcome.

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hi and welcome aboard.

+1 :slight_smile: welcome to here :wink: fancy a cuppa? :smiley:

hello and welcome to LB!!

what do you ride?


hello and welcome

You just done it mate. I felt the same and had never used a forum before this.

Welcome and enjoy. :slight_smile:

Im the same mate, hardly say anything on here so welcome :smiley:

One sugar please :wink:

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:


Hi !:slight_smile:

Hello and welcome :smiley:

welcome to lb

Hi i also am the newbie to forums and bike clubs so by me extending the hand to say hi to you hopefully ill get one back! :w00t:


Hello mate! ;):slight_smile:

Welcome to LB :slight_smile: