I'm Off to box hill Right Now!

Right - supposed to be on Domestic Duties today but it would be a crime against biking to leave this weather unridden so off to Box Hill for a burger as soon as I got me kit on :smiley:

I go to boxhill all the time. I loved to ride any excuse to get on my bike:D

Now that was a long line up for the burgers at Rykers today! But what a really nice day for a ride!! :smiley:

Nice day for a ride - did you notice how many Triumphs were down there???

Sunday was awesome - hit Ace for breakie - box for cofe - Brighton - back to Fulham for the footie - into town for drinks with friends - home about 9ish absolutely knackered and very very smelly thermals…they ok for riding but no so good for sitting at a match or a pub in!