Im now the proud owner of the prettiest R1, what a dream to ride....

Yummy! And she is so smooth and effortless to ride, my ZX6R was like whipping a mule and a hard ride whereas the R1 is light to the touch. It still feels weird stopping because I am used to feeling the weight of the bike and it being quite a abrupt but the R1 brakes are really effective but its still a very smooth and weightless stop. Its a completely different ride. And instead of feeling like the bike is pulling me when I open throttle, its a flow and its just doesnt feel the speed that Im doing. Thats the dangerous part! the only annoying thing is that you cannot see the dash and I have to sit ride back to be able to see the speedo. Oh, and I can turn it easily and I am still amazed my feet can touch the ground so easily! :slight_smile: I just need to get used to the feel and handling of it. And the paranoia of her being stolen. She is smooth and sweet and immaculate with only 4000 miles on the clock.

Thanks for the pointers guys!

Had this discussion with a couple of mates the other week. I want to stay on the R6 because you have to work harder to get performance out of it. 600s are the riders ride. Thou’s are the lazy/easy choice. And you gotta love riding around at ~10-12000RPM to keep up :smiley:

You don’t grow out of a 600, you get lazy.

Congratulations. Once you get used to the feel of it, I’m sure you’ll start riding the thou hard too. Have fun on your new baby. :slight_smile:

What a load of tosh! :hehe:

Not all thou riders are lazy…they’ll be the ones you struggle to keep up with on your

As much fun as the 600’s are ultimately they are hard work when in town compared to the thous, if you can respect the power and low down torque that’s always trying to get you in trouble!

I’m quite happy wiv my 1100 twist n go beast…n yup I’m a lazy fugger :D:D

^^ see! Confirmed :smiley:

Ha ha, I hate to say, you are right, I am v lazy and love the effortlessness of the R1. I still have the ZX6R but the breeziness of the R1 for around town is luvverly :slight_smile:

ipap, I almost bought the bike identical to yours, was a toss up between that and the R1, but Ive wanted an R1 for 10 years now so it had to be.

Seems that the majority win. :stuck_out_tongue:

congratulations on new bike :slight_smile: lets not turn the thread into a 600 vs 1000 debate!!! especially as we all know thou riders are using the extra horsepower to cover a lack of ability :stuck_out_tongue:

any pics of the new ride then? or bring it to BM tonight?

Nah let’s do that!

Congrats on new bike…:smiley:

Now on to the debate.

I don’t really get this “have to rev the balls out of a 600 to keep up” the only time I don’t keep up with people is out on the lanes because they are just better riders and capable of going round corners faster than I can. This has nothing to do with power and everything to do with skill and experience.

I don’t sit in the 10-16k range of my bike as I find it too vibratory and prefer the lower revs for smoother control and ease of riding, yet out on the lanes I have been surpassed by people on 400s and have easily passed people on thous.

When not in the lanes, I don’t ever get into positions where i am chasing people in a straight line, mainly cause going fast in a straight line is a little bit too easy and far too risky in regards to my licence.

600 is more than enough, this isn’t to say I don’t want a thousand, as it has a certain element of bragging rights, but until your personal skill surpasses the 600, which for most of us will be never, the requirement to up the 100bhp that the supersports produce is just unnecessary.

Your not riding with able litre bikers, but with very able 400 riders :w00t:

Obviously the 400 dudes have to ride much better to keep up :smiley:

So it goes on…

Kaos (18/05/2011)

that’s my take, and at the track day at brands there was a guy on a totally standard cbr600f (older than mine) who in all honestly shouldn’t have been in novices but he was going past people like they were stood still… if all bikes were masked you would have thought we were on 250’s and he was on a thousand… but it was just corner speed, exit speed and much much longer on the throttle.

Lesson for me was it will take me a long long time to learn how to reach a 600’s full potential, if ever. And I would rather be upping my skill level to get 90% of a bikes performance than being on a thousand at the same speed but not improving and just using the 60/70 odd horsepower advantage.

Having said all that, I may well get a 600 track bike and when insurance allows get a bigger road bike so I don’t have to be revving the nuts off it on long journeys or looking like a joy rider all the time :smiley:

All depends how you ride. The more progressive you are, the more likely you are to reach the bike’s potential. I used to think a 600 was enough, until I found the throttle wouldn’t twist any further. :stuck_out_tongue:

I realised it was time to upgrade when I hit 6th gear, full throttle and thought: “I need more gears!” :smiley:

My avatar is the identical bike to the one Ive bought, not got a nice normal piccie of mine yet. No BM tonight but maybe next week. Never been to a Weds meet before.

Id be doing around 160 at this point… :ermm:

This is not what I want from a bike…

+1 on ban the man, although no doubt I’ll get a litre but it’ll be a more sport-toury type so not much more actual HP.

Erm, I was doing 160 :slight_smile: But thats the problem with the ZX6R, Ive pushed it to the limits now and Im bored.